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I’m 26 years old. I have a lot of life experience growing up, Great times, hardships, rough times, the happiest times that last forever, those times where everything just seems to fall apart, those learning times. There has forever always been one constant that has helped me get through each time. I’m sure by now after reading all this you have caught on to what I am referring to. Video games, Video gaming has been apart of my life as long as I can remember. A lifetime of video games across a whole bunch of different worlds and realities, It truly is a realm of endlessness. Playing a game I imagine myself I am right there, whether I be playing The Legend of Zelda imagining myself facing the great king of evil, To being a hockey player in an NHL game, It truly is an endless world of different possibilities and scenarios in a video gaming world.

I started out playing on the old NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Super Mario 1 & 3, Truly 2 of the best games I have ever played. My ultimate favorite is the Nintendo 64 playing Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, Castlevania. The best times of my life where I’m sitting and I dream of myself in that world and nothing else in reality matters to that point.

I invite you to follow along in my journey as I share new and old video gaming experiences. I also invite you to share your experiences with me I really would love to hear what other fellow gamers experiences are like with video gaming. Thank you for reading the first entry of my blog. Hope to have you around for more of the fun!




Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming #2 11/29/18

November 29th Gaming thoughts!

Few things to discuss today, Unfortunately some news that’s not as light, Though I will try and compensate that in this posting for today.

Fallout 76 CE Ripoff?

Oh no, The ever plagued Fallout 76 with it’s latest shot to themselves. The collectors edition of the game included a power armor helmet with a nice little canvas bag. Retailing at about $265 (Canadian Dollars) If your asking me that is quite a steep price to pay for a collectors edition for any game. Well unfortunately that is not what customers received, They received a cheaper nylon type bag. As with everyone who purchased this must have been very confused as to why they didn’t get something they got. Bethesda cleared up the issue stating that they didn’t have enough materials for the bags. Alright that happens fine, Though they knew this in advance. It was already known and yet they still shipped it out knowing that they will probably receive this backlash. So now to make matters worse Bethesda has offered a type of in game currency to compensate those who purchased the collectors edition, Problem is the in game currency being offered is little to nothing. I must say if I was a consumer of the game this would lose a lot of my respect. We as consumers these days have been let down a lot and it sadly seems to be getting worse. That will be an article for another time, Though right now those who were consumers of the collectors edition must feel like they got nuked by Bethesda. (Full article here: Kotaku on Fallout 76 CE Issue

Did Sony even try with the PlayStation Classic?

Well here’s another somewhat messy situation. Granted not as bad as what Bethesda is facing right now but Sony seems to have dropped a great opportunity here. It’s interesting cause literally there are 2 other classics that are on the market, It happens to be one of Sony’s rivals also. NES Classic and SNES Classic. Nintendo did it fine. We questioned the games that were coming out with the PS Classic, Hmm alright guess can’t add everything, Though with some notable omissions that made the system what it was. Games like the Crash Bandicoot Series, Spyro, Tomb Raider. Really? I was more surprised to see Crash not added, Granted that the series had released a new remake of the game, Still though it was an iconic franchise for the beginnings of the PlayStation. A small thing that the price ($100 USD & $130 CND) I get it’s common now but why couldn’t an AC adapter be thrown in? The not casual consumer would probably be turned off by this, Also for us Canadians like me. $130 and no AC adapter? Easy pass. So quickly diving in more it seems that lack of features. The classic is meant to hook up with modern tv’s of today and folks want all the up-scaling and stuff so it is bearable to see for their tv. Alright I mean the NES and SNES classic has that. Strange that Sony didn’t. The roms used for Sony’s Classic are also all in PAL format. Maybe not strange for PAL users but for North America you can get into some technical problems there. Some games won’t work as optimized for that causing game delays and game-play issues. The lack of an analog controller also hampers game-play with some of the games they have for the classic. Why did Sony get so lazy with this? Prime opportunity and for a first go around? That’s not very good yikes.

Nintendo is doing well

The launch of Super Smash coming and the success right now with Pokemon on the Switch. Nintendo is doing well. Staying true to gaming, Sticking by themselves it’s really great to see them doing so well. I will definitely be a consumer of both games. (I have some questions on super smash but will see) Mario Party on the switch has even surged back to some prominence. I am pleased with their online services as well. To those complaining that it used to be free but are praising the likes of PSN and Xbox Live, Must I say more? FREE on PC on EVERYTHING. It’s just a breath of fresh air after all what Nintendo has been through to be coming out on top like this.


Leave me your thoughts and comments below, What games have you been playing lately? Something else on your mind? Feel free to leave me a comment.

~Gamer Jeff

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Overwhelmed with Red Dead Redemption 2?

Has Red Dead Redemption 2 Overwhelmed me?!

So I along with many other folks picked up Red Dead Redemption 2 on launch day. Actually I waited until the next morning I wasn’t in rush and the game was pre-ordered for me anyway, I could wait. It was an 8 year waiting in the making. I popped it in and started it up. Memories of when I played the first Red Dead Redemption flowed back into my mind. Thinking back on that as I type this up now I do wonder if I over-hyped myself, Something I rarely do these days. Anyways I’ve played a good 2 hours into the game? Let me dive in to some thoughts so far.

Graphically wise it is what it is for me, I’m not that big on graphics. Unless like the game looked real bad or something then perhaps I’d have a comment on that. Though for now the game looks pretty good. 

Graphically for me it is what it is, I’m not one of those graphic enthusiasts, If the game is good then I’m good. Unless like the graphics were noticeably very bad then I would have some things to say about it. The game looks real nice. I am playing on a standard model PS4, So 1080HD is all I’m getting. I did have to axe out a good list of my games though just to install it on my hard drive and I was not very happy with that at all. As with a lot of new games now I feel it just starts slow, Gotta do these little things and listen to lots of talking while watching cut scenes.  

When I did finally get to control something I dusted off my controller and did what I had to do to progress the game. Not bad controls, pause menu, movement are consistent and feel good. The little icons on the map are a bit odd to see, I think it’s the way I have my tv but anyways. I did the little things the game wanted, Then did a few more things. I feel that the couple things I did for the game, See we are riding our horses and talking, This makes these parts real slow. I noticed too a couple times for a mere 5 seconds the game shows another camera angle and takes control of the game? Kind of like a scene in a movie. Weird, Nothing wrong with it but just weird to me. 

So finally after a couple hours into the game and I got all setup and know more what to do now. Wow, There is so much to do and what the game wants me to do. In a way with all that I have been overwhelmed with I feel it has thrown me off the game a bit. Looking at what others have been saying, They feel the more environmental parts of the game are throwing them off as well. Now in no way do I think this is a bad thing, More control and whatnot for the player, The more interaction and ways to immerse yourself into the world of the game. 

*This part will contain some spoiler alerts across the Red Dead Redemption Games* 

The other thing that has sort of thrown me off in the game, It’s in a way a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption, So we know the fate of John and Bill already. I don’t have any issue with the game following in that order, It’s just in a little bit of a way how they have the story and for me I feel like I’m just backtracking in the game. The gangs are similar to that in the games. I guess it’s just a weird feeling for me, If you are usually watching what you know is a prequel to something, Then you know most of the main story or the outcome of what will happen. Example Star Wars prequels. We knew Anakin was going to become Darth Vader (shocker!!!) in a way sometimes it’s like you already know how the story will play out in it’s entirety. 


*Spoilers end here*

Video games are becoming more vast environments and what you can do in games. PC games like simulations, Added with so many mods can totally overwhelm you with the point you have no idea how and what your doing. I like the emergence of what Rockstar has done with Red Dead and I look forward to continuing the game, Let me know your thoughts and opinions on the game or something about the series in general!

~Gamer Jeff

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Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming #1 11/26/18

Something to think about, Pondering my thoughts in this all new blog series, Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming

This is a new little series where I wanted to do, Write whats on my mind and put some thoughts to it. Multiple things on my mind with some short thoughts to it. Lets get into it.

PS5 Coming?

Just makes me wonder how much more can they do? I heard that they want to make it more compatible with a virtual reality 2 that they are supposedly doing. Is this where the trend is though? The supposed price point could be $660+ Canadian dollars. Wow, You know you can get a good PC for cheaper and even be able to play some pretty good games with it. It’s all still a work in progress and will see what happens.

Decline of Fallout games?

Doesn’t look like Fallout 76 is doing as good. Personally Fallout 4 was a dud for me it didn’t stay true or follow what the series had been about. So now take all of what was 4, Remove all that and make it into an online game and what do you have? A confused product. Unfortunately also now with back to back duds of a game how will the loyal and turned off fans be welcomed back? It’s an uphill climb for the Fallout delegate.

Fortnite is Game of the year

Some may be surprised to this as games like Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2 debuted this year. Does this signal a change, Or does this express a cultural movement in gamer’s these days. I am not saying there’s anything wrong with that it’s how it goes these days. I have personally had some moderate fun with it, My issue is that I won’t be able to do as well or achieve what I want in the game as I cannot afford the hours to play the game that so many other players have mastered. 

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~Gamer Jeff

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Have fun gaming online!

Gaming online, Have fun!

This is actually an inspired post from a couple of friends I talk to. The theme is common, Playing a game online and their friends are either too demanding or too focused on too many aspects of winning the game that their attitude becomes foul.

Just before I jump and dive into this, I understand that there are those who are competitive in gaming and want to achieve the best results in all possible ways. A win at all costs, Perfection across the board. This in no way is a job, shot, anything at you folks. While I do have my thoughts on the subject that is an entirely different article all together for another day. This is geared towards more the friends casually gaming together.

To me, Having fun while gaming is very important to me. Especially online. I just can’t imagine what the other person on the other side is thinking. So many things and variables happen in games when your playing online, You can run into a team that’s well more equipped, Well more costumed to the game, They can simply be great at what they practice in the game. Yes folks, In a game you will win and lose. The fact is that sometimes you just end up on the losing side more than the winning. You have to just face it, That’s how it falls. Don’t blame your friend if something had happened to happen. If your pushing and focusing on that aspect your just creating a huge negative atmosphere then of course why would someone want to play with you after that?

Me personally, I’d say I’m slightly above average when it comes to online play of gaming. The only “practice” I would get in is at the time when I am actually playing the game. When I come online I am not looking to solely win the game. I am looking for a fun time hanging out with my friends through the world of online. Losing in an online game honestly has little impact on me. It’s a fact of life I don’t waste my time dwelling on. I don’t go around criticizing my friends because of such and such. A game is meant to be played and enjoyed in my books. Create that fun and happy atmosphere playing with your friends. Create and cherish those memories.

Unfortunately I have had my instances where folks have made an online game not fun for me. In fact it was on one of my favorite gaming franchises too. It took me a real long time to get back into it and at the fun I used to have with it. Sadly it broke some friendships also, Though if that’s how it has to be. I won’t dive into a full story it just simply came down to a group of folks who were too addicted to the game that it started to consume them a bit. No, You have every control in your actions and how you are acting to other people. We have all moved on and actually I have reconciled with all party members involved. Though as to playing online again it’s at best we part ways.

As to my two friends that have inspired to write this article. The one she just told me recently and I can’t totally speak on her behalf as it’s just a new revelation to me, I will say that she deserves the respect in any case on what she chooses to engage with in friends on playing games. It is supposed to be fun for her as well. Though to my other friend who actually was with me in the madness of the negative group (no we had zero issues or anything with each other) there are some things that make me shake my head because of how sometimes playing a game online isn’t fun for him. Lets call him John O’Chuck. I absolutely love playing online with John it’s a blast. I can tell sometimes and see that a confidence thing in him has hindered him a bit when we play. Now of course he knows my style and how I play, I feel bad for him cause I know at times he can’t help it. Just a history of him playing online and getting bashed on for nothing. Again here in no way am I pointing blame or anything, Some folks are just set in their ways on how they play games online and that’s fine by me. There is nothing wrong or anything with the way John plays. He like millions and millions of other online players such as myself sometimes fail to complete or fall in mission while we are online. No harm done, Nothing in our real lives affected, We continue on as is. Me and John have completed and done so much stuff in online games it’s incredible. My fondest moment of us playing online was a match in a game of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. In the one map we are trying to get the plans from the enemy team and radio them off. The last part of the mission gets tricky as we breach the base of the enemy and it’s easy to fall in battle, Especially with the plans. The mission is timed and we were really racing against the clock here near the end. I am not sure if it was me or another computer player, Though we had the plans and fell in the outside of the base. It was then John who had got the plans and I watched and guided him right to the end to send off the plans and secure the victory for us. John we salute you! I was on cloud nine after that win, It was all thanks to you and a pleasure.

In all I just want folks to remember and know. Life exists outside of the game. You will end up on the winning or losing end. Life simply goes on. Just make sure that after the game has finished that you didn’t treat your friend bad enough that you have ruined their experience with the game and they won’t come and play with you anymore. Don’t be that person, Don’t create the toxic negative atmosphere. Create those good times. You never know either, You can meet that very special friend online like I mentioned in this vlog. A positive gaming friendship

Let me know your thoughts, Have you ever run into the biggest of negatives that it just ruined so much for you? Maybe you have nothing but the best of days online! Looking forward to hearing from all of you.


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Quick Update! 11-11-18

Thanks everyone for your continued support on my blog. I realize that it has been a while since I have posted some content here. In short life had dramatically changed for me in and over the summer.

Before the summer had started I lost a lot of focus and passion due to health reasons and life scenarios. Honestly I have been taking good care and during the summer my passion came back. I had lots of help of course too. Then September came around and it was one of the biggest life changes that has ever happened to me. May be minor for some but a new chapter was starting for me and my family.

The new chapter was my son starting kindergarten. I have also made it a priority that I volunteer at the school as much as I can. I am the main role supporter for my household and that also takes up a lot of time in itself.

My health issues which I will discuss more another time. Some has been mental health related and everything is on the good track. When changes in your life happen sometimes it can affect you in different ways than you are used to.

Thanks again everyone for your support!

Renting Video Games

Would love to hear your memories of going to rent movies or video games!

Great memories renting video games

The mid 90’s to early 2000’s renting movies and video games was sort of routine for those that wanted to see what the next video game or movie will be like before they buy their own. Blockbuster the most renowned store for renting, I personally had Blockbuster and 2 other locations. Let us begin this journey back to the age of renting games and movies!

It started when I got my n64 (of course) there was a local $2 store for renting movies and video games. We went here we also went to a Rogers Video by me, That was the routine of the week as the Rogers Video was right by a Safeway where my family went shopping. Recalling correctly the first game I ever rented was Mischief Makers 64. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, It was only until years later when I got the game for good that I still don’t have a clue what to do, Only the nostalgia kicked in and yes it was great. It was honestly during this time it was n64 games we rented, Goldeneye 64, Mario Party, Quest 64, Shadowgate 64, etc. My most rented n64 game was Paper Mario 64, Super Smash Bro’s was up there too but I got it not long after it came out. Since the n64 was mostly the only console we had and NES games were not available to rent, This is all we really had. Of course time to time we get some movies to watch for the weekend or if a friend was over.

The PlayStation had launched and later on when we got it. This one has a catch to it though, While we did rent the games, Those games were copied. Yes we had our console modified to do that. Buying games was very expensive for us, I guess you could say too renting games does add up in price. Most notably here was the Crash games, Driver 2, Star Wars Phantom Menace, We missed out on the common RPG games either due to the ESRB rating, Or just the fact that it didn’t interest my Dad. Yes my Dad was into playing the games we rented with us. During this time really I guess we were still hooked on the n64, Paper Mario took up some of that time.

During this time we also started going to Blockbuster Video. I think it was they had more choice and Rogers video was getting expensive. The location for our Blockbuster was huge also. I know we started renting more movies from there too. So the renting continued and by this time PS2 and Gamecube were out, Super Mario Sunshine, Sonic Adventure 2, Crazy Taxi, NASCAR, Just so much to fill my entertainment with I truly miss it still too. I feel as if Blockbuster didn’t last the long for me, Although at the time seems like an eternity. In 2003 we had moved, Now although the Blockbuster location wasn’t far it wasn’t really close either. Also Blockbuster locations were starting to disappear at this time too, It was the end of an era. My last days I recall renting movies or video games from a local no name store, The worker was real friendly, Their selection of games was mighty poor though. Stuff like on demand and netflix the local store felt these effects too and was gone in a couple of years. The last memories I have renting video games was at my local mall, Ironically was a very small Rogers Video looked like it was some little trailer too. Nonetheless it worked. Castlevania Curse of Darkness on PS2 and Two Worlds on Xbox 360 were the last 2 games I rented. The latter being a great disappointment but Castlevania reminded me the reason why I rented games. The store closed quietly.

Walking into a store to see what movies to rent, What games to try it all added a great deal with the atmosphere in the store. Sometimes talking with someone like “Hey that game wasn’t bad”, “This movie was pretty good”, “Best to stay away from this game”. You of course don’t have that same interaction. When your watching a show on Netflix either you heard about it from a friend or are trying it for yourself. As time goes by us who remember or were born in that time period can say “I used to rent video games at the store” Yeah how many of us also feel old saying that? Technology made some things easier, It’s also taken away apart of a life that we used to have. So now and again we sit back and reminisce how back in the day we would go rent movies and video games.


Jeff’s Top 5 Games-N64

What are your best N64 games?

The system I grew up loving and where a lot of passion came from. 

 As a lot of you know this is where my love for gaming grew. Christmas morning 1995 opening up the N64 with Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart. Memories never forgotten. So why not a little list? This is in no particular order, You can bet this was a hard top 5 to come up with as I hold so much bias and nostalgia.

I like to mention this post was inspired by another blogger and fellow twitter friend, esperdreams Please check out her content it’s very cool and the inspiration for today! Thank you Kate.

#5. Paper Mario 64: The most rented game, Had to keep going back to the store to rent this game. It finally came on sale and we got it. This was really my first RPG game I got deep into, Loved the game play, music, story, I just fell in love with the game from the start. The graphics of the game really appealed to me too they did a great job with it. I followed the story early on from here and kept up with it. The time this game came out too I was long done with Mario 64 and was hoping for another type of experience with that game, Paper Mario successfully did that. I spent a good portion of one summer playing this game and finally got all the way to the end.

#4. 007 Goldeneye: Hands down one of the best first person shooters to have graced a console. Truly an amazing game. The game play and game mechanics are what make it the best. Multiplayer was amazing too spent time with friends mastering the facility (as that was the most popular map to play) Single player of course that was great. I was one of those ones too that wanted the cheats for the game when it got tough for me. Later on too when I was searching the internet one night I came across a website, It was called Detstar, If your a real hardcore fan you need to check this site out, I myself spent a lot of time on this site reading the mysterious and things they found. Now back to the game, Game play was fantastic you were James Bond (or if you had a wild imagination like me you were someone else) gadgets, arsenal of weapons, stealth? Hey depends on how you felt that day or that mission. Personally I went in guns blazing.

#3. Castlevania Legacy of Darkness: The first entry of Castlevania (Castlevania 64) was a little poor. You also get a very angry surprise at one of the levels if you didn’t start the game on normal mode. Out comes the updated version, Legacy of Darkness. Added some more levels, couple characters, fixed the game physics especially with the jumping. I know this entry of the game wasn’t what a lot liked, Personally for me I was hooked. Later on in my life when I was able to play the other games I had an even more appreciation for the game. Imagine if Konami (when they were good) didn’t experiment with this 3D effect of the franchise, I would argue the same with Super Mario, Don’t get me wrong I love my side scrolling games, Though some variety is pretty cool too. Legacy of Darkness just added a great atmosphere, The music, the levels, the cut scenes, You were immersed in this world of monsters and vampires. I played this game a lot with my own story in my mind too, Challenging game too. I remember when I finally beat the game I jumped up on my couch victory was mine. It took me a couple of tries and I even started the game all over again. I still play this game a lot it’s even a go to game when I stream.

#2. Super Mario 64: One of the best games ever, I play it a lot still to this day. This is also one of my fond memories of playing a game with my Dad. The amount of hours and weekends we spent playing this game was truly something special. Game play was the biggest factor here. The game was pretty much your typical Mario story go and rescue the princess. Now your immersed in a 3D world with many other worlds within the game, Truly a special experience for me when I started playing this game. I recall one night late I wasn’t feeling well or something I came out of my room, I see my Dad was playing the game. Actually he was close to fighting the first Bowser, Exciting for sure. The music in the game was perfect. When I was playing and if I solved or figured something out in the game I was in awe. Finding the power stars was special for me, I felt like I had accomplished something real big, Felt on top of the world. I still remember the day my Dad beat the game, Triumph was best to describe it.

#1. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: Oh you can ask me my personal favorite games all the time and my list will constantly change, Can we call this game one of the most iconic of all time? What a revolution, Building off of A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo you would not be disappointed by this entry into the series. I still remember opening this game on Christmas morning, Figuring out what to do in the game. It must have taken us a couple weeks just to get past the first part of the game. That’s how truly special it was to us. The story is amazing, The music is a masterpiece, The game play is truly special. If you have an N64 and have not played this game, Even if you have access to it and haven’t played. You are missing out big time. Do yourself a favor and play it if you already haven’t. You are in this great world with so much to do and it can be overwhelming, Though you are in for one of the best gaming experiences you can have. When my Dad got up to Ganondorf the final time and trying to beat him oh did it ever get in his head, He wanted to finally have the glory and satisfaction to beating one of the best games to have ever been made. This game is also one of the only ones he will go back to and play to this day. I recall sometimes I was intimidated by this game, In my own game file I had just made it to the water temple. I remember seeing how much of a time my Dad had trying to clear this temple. You know what I did? I went in and just mastered it. I walked into that temple and just owned it. That was it, Nothing was stopping me now I was the greatest and did it ever feel so good.

So there you have my top 5 Nintendo 64 games. I know those who know me or have spoken to me previously will mention how come I never said Majora’s Mask? The list was in no particular order and if you come back to me another day this list will be forever changing. The console was truly something special to me and I will never forget it. If you haven’t already from when I mentioned above please check out Kate’s blog post entry and other posts. You will be in for a treat when you do. I thank her and I thank all of you for reading.