Consumer Report #1 Why did the PlayStation Classic Fail, Should you buy or pass on it?

My thoughts on the Sony PlayStation Classic in this very first edition of Consumer Reports


Welcome to my new series about you the consumer. These articles are important to me as it will help the regular consumer get the best and most bang for their buck on various gaming and technology that is out there today.

So today we are looking at Sony’s venture into the classic edition market. Is it too early to call it a fail? Well it’s dropping price fast and there is little to no interest on it’s device.

What is it?

The Sony PlayStation Classic is a small little device representing that of an original PlayStation that debuted back in 1995. Included were 2 controllers notably the very original controllers that did not have analog sticks, A USB Micro A-Standard USB-A Cable, Also a standard HDMI cable. Notably an AC adapter was sold separately. The device features 20 games and vary depending on the region you are in. (North America, Europe, Japan) The games ran on an emulator specific to the PlayStation. The device itself playing games from the original PlayStation with a setup of today’s technology ex, having save states and ability to suspend the game play to return to it at a later point.


In Canada the PlayStation Classic retailed at around $130. The United States for $100. In Australia the device cost $150. The PlayStation classic can be seen on sale in Canada for about $79.99, About a $50 difference from the original price. The USA you can find it now at about a price for $45-$50 resulting in a a difference of about $50-$55. The PlayStation Classic released on December 3rd, Less than a month it was dropped in price.

How is it?

Well, The most notable thing was it’s questionable gaming lineup. I won’t get into every game but there were some huge omissions including some of Sony’s classic games that made the PlayStation the console of choice back in 1995. The console library was lacking. The controller using the original controller didn’t really help them as some games it is challenging using a D-Pad for various movements. The overall software also is questionable. The device playing the games uses ROM’s. Most of the ROM’s are PAL (European Region) and therefore do not fully optimize or work on a North American TV. Those are 3 massive blows already. I have seen game play of some of the games affecting the frame rate and struggling to help emulate the game.


It’s just very disappointing, Sony could have really knocked this out of the park. I am not 100% sure on how the licensing of some of the games would work, Though what made the PlayStation as great as it was back in 1995 was it’s great library of games. Crash Bandicoot games, Spyro, Tomb Raider, etc. I mean the NES Classic and SNES classic have been on the market for a real long time, One of Sony’s biggest competitors also. Couldn’t have someone bought any of their devices and done some research on it before they started to make their own? The NES and SNES classics have been a huge success. Then you have the issue with the lack of the analog stick. So the couple games they have like Metal Gear Solid and Syphon Filter would have been way more better with an analog stick as opposed to the d-pad. The issue of optimizing, The ROM’s being PAL where in North America is only optimized to NTSC. Personally also payin $130 (Canadian Dollars) I would rather them add an AC adapter rather then having to buy it separately, I get the idea but when your concerned about voltage and stuff like that, Maybe you aren’t too informed on that subject so it would just be better to have the adapter included. I’m giving the Sony PlayStation Classic a 2.5 Stars out of 5. It is nice to go back to the past and relive it, Though at what cost and paying for what your hoping is at least an optimized device for your region.

Jeff’s Advice

If you really want one just keep on waiting because the price is going to keep on dropping. Keep your eyes open you never know either there may be a sale somewhere and you’ll be able to pick it up for real cheap. I wouldn’t spend more than $25-$35 on the device. I don’t think it’s really worth that much, Don’t forget you will have to buy an AC adapter also. Lets just hope this doesn’t become a standard for Sony.

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Author: The Gamer Jeff

I am passionate about gaming. I have a lot of different views and various opinions talking about video gaming. I am a hardcore active gamer I enjoy a variety across a lot of systems. Hear me out and follow me along in this exciting adventure as we talk about everything there is about gaming

2 thoughts on “Consumer Report #1 Why did the PlayStation Classic Fail, Should you buy or pass on it?”

  1. I bought my PS1 a few years ago, used, didn’t pay more than $60 USD for it. I ended up buying a PS2 a couple of years later, paying about $80 USD.

    I did enjoy having my first PlayStation, but it didn’t always load all games properly. Glad my PlayStation 2 is in great working order.

    I agree with your rating, and really enjoy my NES Classic system. I had to buy an extender for the controller as it didn’t reach very far. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great to hear! Seems like to go back and play those games right now is via PS1 or PS2 as the Classic just isn’t getting it right now.

      Glad to hear your enjoying that NES! Thanks for your comment!


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