Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch!?

Have you ever wanted the best of both worlds all in one? In a way I’ve always wanted to see one of the big companies come together and do something for the greater good of gaming. So are we on the verge of that? Microsoft and Nintendo working together? What if it’s to team up and topple Sony? All speculation for now.

You can see the headline here Xbox Live coming to Nintendo Switch and other devices what does this mean? Well all we can say right now is that it means Xbox Live will be more accessible across other platforms. More exposure the better? Look I know we all are thinking there is something more deep in this, I agree to an extent. It looks like right now that this could be a move to help move the movement of cross-play between systems. I honestly think cross-play is super important, There is no reason to punish a consumer based on what console they purchase and play on.

So you wanna speculate now? Nintendo and Microsoft are teaming up, Nintendo will let Microsoft work on some of their games and they will release both on Switch and Xbox One. You will be able to play some Xbox One (older games from game pass) on the go with your Nintendo Switch.

How about some extreme speculation? Microsoft will buy Nintendo properties and start working with Nintendo to make the next ultimate gaming console that will expand to the PC race of gaming. Nintendo will be teaming up with Microsoft to make more games exclusive to the Xbox One.

Now come on both of those accounts of speculation would be awesome wouldn’t they? Who wouldn’t want a collaboration between 2 of the greatest gaming companies around. Though lets not get ahead of ourselves but damn that would be great. In general I do wish the companies sometimes would just come together and work together in creating some real great content together. They can still compete with each other in a business aspect, Though sometimes it would be cool to let loose and do something real cool.

What does this mean for you? Right now nothing really. If you don’t own either a Switch or any Xbox live services then there isn’t really anything for you. Now then if your an owner of both? You may feel a bit wondering “is this for real?” In some ways I was and still am too myself. My prediction will be that you will be able to do some stuff with Xbox Live on your Nintendo Switch, Then you will be able to play some Xbox game pass games (the older ones) on your Nintendo Switch which then you can take on the go. If that’s the case then you can see an increase of sales on Xbox game pass and I think that would be a very smart and great move on Microsoft’s part.

~Gamer Jeff



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Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming #5

Back at it again with some thoughts on gaming!

Will Kingdom Hearts 3 live up to the hype?

Great question eh? Kingdom Hearts 1 released in 2002. 3 years after 2005 Kingdom Hearts 2 releases and is a masterpiece also. We waited a real long time for a third installment in the series and we are inching much more closer now. Due to the years apart between releases I do think it will now capture a different type of players to it. Nothing against them now I honestly hope they enjoy the game, I do feel that their voices will be the more bigger influence now though than the older gamer who played the game way back in 2002/2005. So we shall see!

EA has failed at Star Wars games

2013-2019 Has brought us only 2 Star Wars games, Both Battlefront games and both seriously lacking in all areas of the game. Even their online portion was very dry. EA has canceled the open world Star Wars game. It’s severely disappointing to us fans who’ve waited so long and in return we have gotten very little back. How much trust now do you put into EA? Sometimes a picture just does it more justice. img_2798 Ouch…I remember being real excited when EA was doing the next Battlefront, I even had it pre-ordered. When I got the second one and I think it was more empty and dry, There just are no words for the huge let down.

Crowdfunded video games seen a decline in 2018

I’d figure at some time or another this was bound to happen. How many times have you seen a game get the funding from the consumer and then just have it come out with broken and empty promises? We seen it happen all too much. It’s just unfortunate because then the ones out there that are holding true to their word won’t get the support that they deserve. Personally for me I can’t do it as unfortunately I have been on the wrong end of it too many times. Tabletop games seemed to be what took over on the kickstarter.

Thinking gaming 2020

Yes, the year 2020 is coming up. A new decade. This may be early to talk about but right now I think we should be enjoying the last of what this decade has to offer. Then you have to think how has this decade been gaming wise? 4K was on the rise, Games like GTA, Skyrim, PUBG, Breath of The Wild, Mario Odyssey, Kingdom Hearts 3, etc there is beyond so many games to even mention. I also think too has it changed video gaming for the better? That is the question we shall find out closer to the end of this decade.

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Things we dislike on modern gaming!

A few things here and there, Some of these things drive us crazy also. Lets dive into some things we dislike!

Downloading a game from the disc

Our consoles don’t really have all that much room (especially if you have a 500GB model) kind of wonder too why the head of companies didn’t see this either. Though I don’t get why we just can’t play the games right from the disc? A disc holds a lot of space too so I don’t get it. This would make a lot of things easier and we could just skip those long downloads and play right off the disc! How is this not a thing?


I cringe a lot of times hearing DLC. I hate when you have to get DLC to complete a game that should already be completed. I’m fine with extra DLC after to ADD to the game experience. Though to COMPLETE the game experience? That’s not cool. Some of the things too that are locked behind the game like extra costumes, weapons, a different mode, etc like come on this wasn’t a standard in the generations before. How does this come up in a board room meeting? “Alright crew DLC some downloadable content for our extra buck…..what do we add? Oh make the consumer buy this costume and buy this map so the player can knock off their friend in this costume on this new map they bought” Yeah, That’s probably how it went down too.

Broken or Incomplete Games

This one is high on my list here and it’s starting to really make me mad. I don’t like the fact that this is starting to become a new industry standard. If a company wants to release a testing or beta of the game that’s fine. Charging the consumer and then completing the game after is not fine. What ends up happening is a lazy effort and you don’t get a quality game that you paid a heck of a lot of money for. We can go to the recent Fallout 76 as an example. No Man’s Sky wasn’t worth the top price for it being plain, I appreciate though they are adding to it with no charge for more DLC or whatnot. Ubisoft has been notorious in the past for putting out games like their Assassins Creed franchise while not quite ironing out the main bugs they should. Destiny was one of the most incomplete games I’ve ever played and wasn’t even worth full price for such an empty game. My last point here will be those funded games which I have no issue with but you do have to be careful. I’ve been duped into a couple, (Ouya was an adventure also) I purchased Wild West Online and yes it was still in development but nothing ever came in friction with the game or anything I had purchased. They totally changed the landscape of the game now and my money is long gone.


This is also seemingly becoming too much of the same also. Here comes the next game the trailer showing as much as it can without spoiling the game. If your Final Fantasy 7 Remake we have zero idea or any clue if you will even exist or come out, I was myself excited for it and the hype was all real. Red Dead Redemption 2 I’ll say I wasn’t all that hyped. I think it’s a great game though. I can’t really dive into it cause it’s so overwhelming its pretty in depth. Anyways games like that, Fallout 4 and then all the other add on’s that came started to get old also. Most of the games you see your seeing a lot of the good parts in the trailer and the rest of the game doesn’t quite live up and ends up being pretty short as well. I say with the way games are these days some just don’t quite live up to that hype.


Now of course there are more things that bug us, That’s why I love to hear from you fine readers! What are some things you dislike in games?


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Multiplayer you know more than one fri…..end…..person. In any capacity multiplayer gaming with one or more friends or family members is a staple in gaming these days. I am going to be focusing more on the couch type co-op playing in the same room with the person. We’ll get into online gaming in another post. Time to relive some memories!

The earliest memories I have are PC gaming with my Mom. It was a more of a take turns type of thing with like action scenarios, In any event pretty much where it all started for me. NES was the main for us, Mario 1 & 3 when we were playing taking turns trying to get as many levels beat as possible. Well we really only got to the end of the second stage on Mario 3 and with Mario one up to 5 before we couldn’t really trek anymore.

Now I can go on and on about what games I have played multiplayer and whatnot, That would be stretching my memory a bit there. I played a lot of the classics, Marios, Street Fighters, Mortal Kombats, Mario Parties, etc I’ve done my time and enjoyed some couch co-op playing a gamer with someone in the same room as me. NHL games were quite our thing too. Me and my friend would create players and just have ourselves a very fun and very high scoring game.

Now before I get the whole “woah your missing something here” Of course, I played the hell out of Goldeneye 64. It was the pinnacle, That game just mentioning was the such of what legends talk about. I learned to dominate the game. The style they had it and overall game play of course added to it’s magic if it wasn’t muliplayer it was single player. I of course will get into Goldeneye another time as such a great game deserves it’s own article. I think most of us 90’s kids were on to Goldeneye. The follow up in later years of a James Bond game I found Agent Under Fire and Nightfire actually weren’t as bad. Nightfire got the more edge for me since it allowed bots as Agent Under Fire didn’t.

The PS2 was really the end of days for this type of Multiplayer. PC gaming online was alive and well though as for console gaming I feel PS2 were the last good days. Some of my last good memories were playing the NASCAR games, The Sims 2, and NHL of course. The odd time on PS3 I’d play some NHL with someone and then the Wii we’d play some of the sports, Also as I got older it wasn’t really a thing anymore for myself personally. This where I pretty much transitioned into the online gaming realms. Nothing against it but online sometimes just doesn’t quite offer the same as someone sitting by you.

Years have passed and I’m happy to say that the multiplayer days of couch co-op and playing a 2 player game have been reborn! Me and my 5 year old son have gone back to the past and been playing those games. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter may wait a bit though we got NHL, Mario Kart, Mario Games, etc it’s amazing to come back after all these years and relive those days. It’s like they never left. It’s also too some good old simple gaming fun. Sharing it with my son seeing how happy he is playing is truly something special.

~Gamer Jeff

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The Variety Bunch

A variety of games!
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Having some variety in your life is always good. Having a good variety of games is pretty cool, Your immersing yourself in other aspects of a world of gaming. I touched on this in my Goemon article when I mentioned that the game was different than the other games out there. Just before I get into this too, As you all know I respect everyone’s gaming preferences and all that. Some folks only like a certain type of games and have fun with that, I love it they enjoy what they like. This article is in a way some homage to those type of games that you may have not heard about or anything about the series etc.

The gaming landscape changes a lot. You can look back through the decades and just see how far we’ve come and what games have evolved to today. Mostly too what I’m getting at is games that don’t really come to North America, Goemon was one an action adventure game. It’s the story and how you go about the game-play is what isn’t what most of the west world is used to. Konami has said themselves too that the series is too specific for Japanese culture and that’s why they aren’t (weren’t) released worldwide, Which is unfortunate because it’s another game we can add to our gaming library. Japanese games add other elements that some of the rest of the world may not understand, or get a grasp of. I recall a game Mischief Makers on the N64. Honestly I didn’t have the slightest clue (even when playing all these years later again while I get more of the idea now though) It combies platform gaming with puzzle gaming. It was noted too that when it originally came out that the game was too confusing and most criticized the game as whole. I’m happy to say though years later the game has been labeled as an underrated game and hopes of a revival have quietly been around.

Japanese RPG games are know to have lots of depth in their games. They can also be quite hard games when you have it on the most hardest difficulty also. One of the games that come to mind is the Persona series from Shin Megami Tensei series (Persona is a sub series to the Megami Tensei series…confused yet? there’s also another in the series called Q and it features the cast from Persona 3 and 4) The story of the persona games are very deep and more in depth to say your traditional Final Fantasy games. The Persona games you can say are a totally different element than the others. Persona 4 at times I feel plays like a simulation game as well, Romancing characters, Bonding and building friendships, Even working and going to school all while embarking on an adventure already going on.

I feel that RPG’s are some games that provide lots of depth. Then you do have some games that do try and do different things that just really don’t work out. Fallout 4 is a good example. Taking everything out of what it built it’s series on and tossing that. The building elements of Fallout 4 too totally lost me and lots of other fans as well. Dark Cloud 2 on PS2 utilized a building aspect of the game. The mechanics of how they did it for us was real fun though and we enjoyed it. Lots of games have that extra something not totally related to the story or movement of the game but they are fun. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle featured the chao garden where you are raising the chao babies. Honestly I was kind of hooked on this and it was some little fun and break in the action of the game. The Legend of Zelda series featured across many games all the extra things you could do that didn’t count to any fashion of completing the game, It just counted to the players overall experience of the game. Some things don’t really work out and the odd time the extra things you do in game are actually more fun than the actual game itself.

Dragon Quest series has been more open to North America these days (as also mentioned in this article I read) Fatal Frame was a pretty cool concept on a game that I wish got more notoriety in the West. Also as mentioned in the article one that me and my friends had a particular interest in as well, The Mother Series. Mother 3 in fact that was slated for a North American translation that all but disappeared as the years went on. Check out this article of the 25 best Japanese games that didn`t see the light in North America 

I guess in some little way I can understand that they can`t bring every single game out in North America based on so many factors. I recall one time playing around with some emulators and roms my friend caught his eye on SMT (Shin Megami Tensei) we knew of the name from the Persona series and all. He was curious and checked it out. We were blown away that we had just found the very first game in the series. It was translated too (not sure if fan made translation or something else) still though we were in awe playing. The game was pretty fun also my friend was more into the RPG`s of the time and I was the one watching and helping out. I would love to own an original copy of the game, Of course with such as the game is in Japanese I wouldn’t  know how to read it unfortunately.

I love gaming, I love to play all sorts of games and immerse myself in world of fantasy, adventure, excitement. I have fun with so many games out there that I add a variety and have fun with what I have. Again this doesn’t mean not having variety is bad, I guess though without knowing what other types of games and such aren’t out there then you wouldn’t know. Oh for the love of gaming so many games of so many varieties and such little time. Did I miss any games or the odd games such as Attack of the Mutant Penguins? I missed so much because there is an abundance of so much out there. That’s why hearing from you, Teach me and tell me about other games that I may not know or didn’t cover in this article today.

~Gamer Jeff

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Goemon, What happened to you? Please come back!

Do you remember Goemon?! I want him back! Read about that here!

The Goemon series is one of my favorites. Mystical Ninja it’s the perfect alias. Goemon isn’t gone, Maybe he’s got some passport or visa issues that he can’t get over to North America and he’s stuck in Japan. Wonder if it has something to do with that company that’s gone all crazy….oh Konami. Although the series is not dead or finished it remains to be seen what will happen and if we will ever see a Goemon game again.

Let’s go back to a simpler time, 1999 to be exact. To the day you are reading this blog (writing this it’s January 8th 2019) 20 years ago was the last time North America had received a Goemon game. Goemon’s Great Adventure on the Nintendo 64. It was released a year earlier in Japan. I remember renting the game way back then from the video store. That was all folks. That was the last time Goemon released a game in North America.

The last game in the main series of Goemon was released way back in 2005 in Japan on the Nintendo DS. The most recent use of anything Goemon related was in 2011 in Japan for a Pachinko machine. 2003 a spin-off series Goemon was last used in mobile gaming. Last time for a console was a spin-off on the original PlayStation. A year previous though a spin-off game was released on the PlayStation 2 making it the most recent console a Goemon game has appeared on. The last of the main series to have made it on console was in 2001 on the PlayStation.

Goemon is animated as a humorous adventure action type of game. It’s silly in it’s own way but hey if that makes the game fun then why not. With a smoke pipe in hand as his weapon Goemon started his life in the games as a famous thief from Japanese folklore. Goemon later on though changes his persona to that all loving hero that most of us North Americans came to know. The series stays true to it’s Japanese origins, and how Japanese anime is usually perceived. Sticking with it’s roots that’s why it was so beloved in Japan. So you may ask what happened to Goemon?

Honestly I have researched here and there. So the most possible answer I can come up with from a North American standpoint is that most of the western culture either doesn’t understand the game, have little to no interest (due to what is associated with “odd” ideas of a game), or that it just doesn’t fit in at all with gaming in the western culture. It’s unfortunate because it add’s variety to a library of games that in a lot of ways these days is a bit stale at times for me. All that for another time but to me the more variety the better I think. As for what happened in Japan I can’t really find anything other than Konami has quietly pushed it away somewhere and has seemingly forgotten about the series, Other than for it’s use with gambling and Japanese slots games, Goemon has all but vanished from the gaming world.

Further research and reading since we didn’t really know much about what happened with the series out in North America, In Japan is where they may have lost it. Konami who with the Castlevania franchise in the mid 2000’s changed things a bit, So Konami changed up Goemon a bit. Well it didn’t work out as they wanted it and instead of going back and just fixing it up Konami dismissed it. When the games were released in North America a lot of the translations (you would of had to do some research to see the original character names and such from the Japanese version) the names of Goemon’s friends/partners. Their gambling machines have made them more profit than the games nowadays though so the chances of seeing Goemon back in a game don’t look very good. Goemon in North America again isn’t even remotely in the picture at all sadly.

While Goemon had graced us in the past with their brief stint of games back in the past it left an impression on some of us. Once a beloved character in a world of video gaming consumed by a greedy and mismanaged company whose only interest now is to put the beloved in gambling machines for the greater of profit. Oh Goemon like me there are others out there that hold some hope in any revival of a Goemon game to be bestowed upon us in North America once again. It would help to add some more variety within games again also. Will we ever see Goemon again?

~Gamer Jeff

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Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming #3 1/8/19

New year, Time for some fresh thoughts and quick takes on whats shaking up and happening in the deep thoughts of my gaming mind!

Sony’s PlayStation Classic has reduced it’s price

Well sadly that didn’t take long. Sony just really missed the mark on a great opportunity here. It still really baffles me how they messed this up. Even worse too seeing those that have hacked into the UI and found all sorts of things, Like other games that were to be on the system, Other features that folks would have liked to have, They even found NTSC format for the games. I mean I guess I get they wanted this out for the holiday season. I honestly don’t even know one person that picked one up over the holidays or even now at a reduced price.

Xbox Game Pass needs WAY MORE LOVE

Lets say at $79.99 for a new game, 2 new games that’s about $159 so lets say $160+ taxes all that stuff you know. So what if I told you that you can get over 100 games for less than that? I know your probably laughing at me. Well take a look at the Xbox Game Pass. It has a variety of so many great games and even some great classics. PUBG, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 4. They are always adding more games too. You can even score a deal and get the pass for JUST A DOLLAR!

I tried Nintendo’s Online service

Well…. it’s a good start. Cool how they have the NES stuff added and can play online with friends. I gotta admit it is a bit dry. Honestly online hasn’t really been Nintendo’s thing and I’m fine with that. It will be interesting to see what else Nintendo will do with this service and what they may add. For the price of it honestly it’s a lot better than PS Plus and if we are talking price I’ll give it an edge over Xbox Live also.

Are spoilers becoming a problem?

Why ruin the fun for someone else? Seriously it disgusts me. It seems like too looks like it could be a reviewer who is leaking out the spoilers. Well if that the case then it ruins it for everyone, Even the good reviewers. Super Smash Ultimate was leaked and spoilers ran around, You think Nintendo will let this slide? Oh believe me they won’t. Upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 was also the subject to leaks and spoilers. Personally myself too I have been waiting years and years to be able to play the game. I just hope by the time I get to it that I won’t have it spoiled for me. This just ruins the experience and the person leaking the spoilers too makes them look like a fool. I just hope that future games especially those that fans have been waiting super long for that they don’t run into any leaks or spoilers!


Oh there is still so much gaming goodness on my mind! Though of course with all great things I must hold it to there right now. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Giving a shout out to my buddy Steve today! Thanks for enjoying my blogs, liking, commenting, and then messaging me after complimenting my work. Means a lot and I love hearing about it.

~Gamer Jeff

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