Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch!?

Have you ever wanted the best of both worlds all in one? In a way I’ve always wanted to see one of the big companies come together and do something for the greater good of gaming. So are we on the verge of that? Microsoft and Nintendo working together? What if it’s to team up and topple Sony? All speculation for now.

You can see the headline here Xbox Live coming to Nintendo Switch and other devices what does this mean? Well all we can say right now is that it means Xbox Live will be more accessible across other platforms. More exposure the better? Look I know we all are thinking there is something more deep in this, I agree to an extent. It looks like right now that this could be a move to help move the movement of cross-play between systems. I honestly think cross-play is super important, There is no reason to punish a consumer based on what console they purchase and play on.

So you wanna speculate now? Nintendo and Microsoft are teaming up, Nintendo will let Microsoft work on some of their games and they will release both on Switch and Xbox One. You will be able to play some Xbox One (older games from game pass) on the go with your Nintendo Switch.

How about some extreme speculation? Microsoft will buy Nintendo properties and start working with Nintendo to make the next ultimate gaming console that will expand to the PC race of gaming. Nintendo will be teaming up with Microsoft to make more games exclusive to the Xbox One.

Now come on both of those accounts of speculation would be awesome wouldn’t they? Who wouldn’t want a collaboration between 2 of the greatest gaming companies around. Though lets not get ahead of ourselves but damn that would be great. In general I do wish the companies sometimes would just come together and work together in creating some real great content together. They can still compete with each other in a business aspect, Though sometimes it would be cool to let loose and do something real cool.

What does this mean for you? Right now nothing really. If you don’t own either a Switch or any Xbox live services then there isn’t really anything for you. Now then if your an owner of both? You may feel a bit wondering “is this for real?” In some ways I was and still am too myself. My prediction will be that you will be able to do some stuff with Xbox Live on your Nintendo Switch, Then you will be able to play some Xbox game pass games (the older ones) on your Nintendo Switch which then you can take on the go. If that’s the case then you can see an increase of sales on Xbox game pass and I think that would be a very smart and great move on Microsoft’s part.

~Gamer Jeff



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Consumer Report #2 Is the Xbox One X worth it?

Welcome back to the second edition of Consumer Reports. Today I’m focusing on the Xbox One X. Microsoft’s most premiere console to date.

What is it?

The Xbox One X is the 3rd release of the Xbox One. Notably the Xbox One X is of greater power to its 2 predecessors (Xbox one S and Xbox One) It’s main focus is on rendering 4K graphics. This is for performance and and improving existing games to utilize the full graphics.  The Xbox One X is pretty beefy in relation to specs inside the console. Notably Microsoft has it now where the system uses a vapor chamber, Therefore water cooling the components of the system down. You can get the full specs list here.  Microsoft has been known to mention that the Xbox One X is a competitor to the PlayStation 4 Pro. The console comes with a controller, a user friendly power supply, and a HDMI cord. The controller uses double A batteries which may come as a surprise to some, I will get to that later though. Power supply they have notably scrapped the large power brick that the original Xbox One console carried.


I’ll say that you are paying for what you get in terms of hardware. Again this is a pretty beefy console here almost doubling those specs of other consoles (including the Xbox One S itself) $499 USD, $599 CDN, Australia takes it home at $649. You can get a deal on different editions for the console also.

How is it?

I personally got an Xbox One X on Christmas Day 2018, It has been nothing but the greatest of great experiences for me in so many other ways. I won’t include things like game pass or xbox live as it’s just added features to most of the 3 consoles. I noticed right away how quiet and speedy the system was. I was impressed by that fact, Personally I really cringe at hearing my console chug from trying to prevent itself from overheating or overworking itself. In comparison, My original model PlayStation 4 over it’s time has been overheated and overworked itself that it doesn’t quite bring out its usual good performance now. I like how Xbox One when I am downloading a game I can turn the console off and it will still be downloading. Sleep mode is fine but as for those who rather just power down it’s better to conserve the consoles energy. Coming back to the controller now, At first I was skeptical of it still using commercial batteries eh it was a questionable move. I was beyond wrong. Using some good batteries makes the controller last a very very long time. It has a way better lifespan than the PS4 controllers, I find myself with my ps4 controllers I need to recharge them almost every few hours. Based on time tracked in my games I’ll say the controller can last up to 30 hours. The interface is very user friendly and easy. Loading up games and app’s have been real great and efficient. Cool part too you can connect to a 5G service wifi. Pretty handy if I may say.


If you are looking to go into the high end market and want something that will last you a while. The Xbox One X is for you. You will be paying for the system performance. If you happen to have a 4K TV then your in for a great gaming experience. The Xbox One X is just that close in comparison to a PC. A PC is the tops of all gaming (yes settle down) You are truly getting the best of the best. Add in Microsoft’s Game Pass and you are truly in for some great gaming times. If you aren’t quite ready or don’t need all the beefy hardware you can stick with an Xbox One S. I am giving the Xbox One X a 4.5 Stars out of 5 that’s pretty close to a perfect score! Get a gaming bundle and have some fun!


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Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming #5

Back at it again with some thoughts on gaming!

Will Kingdom Hearts 3 live up to the hype?

Great question eh? Kingdom Hearts 1 released in 2002. 3 years after 2005 Kingdom Hearts 2 releases and is a masterpiece also. We waited a real long time for a third installment in the series and we are inching much more closer now. Due to the years apart between releases I do think it will now capture a different type of players to it. Nothing against them now I honestly hope they enjoy the game, I do feel that their voices will be the more bigger influence now though than the older gamer who played the game way back in 2002/2005. So we shall see!

EA has failed at Star Wars games

2013-2019 Has brought us only 2 Star Wars games, Both Battlefront games and both seriously lacking in all areas of the game. Even their online portion was very dry. EA has canceled the open world Star Wars game. It’s severely disappointing to us fans who’ve waited so long and in return we have gotten very little back. How much trust now do you put into EA? Sometimes a picture just does it more justice. img_2798 Ouch…I remember being real excited when EA was doing the next Battlefront, I even had it pre-ordered. When I got the second one and I think it was more empty and dry, There just are no words for the huge let down.

Crowdfunded video games seen a decline in 2018

I’d figure at some time or another this was bound to happen. How many times have you seen a game get the funding from the consumer and then just have it come out with broken and empty promises? We seen it happen all too much. It’s just unfortunate because then the ones out there that are holding true to their word won’t get the support that they deserve. Personally for me I can’t do it as unfortunately I have been on the wrong end of it too many times. Tabletop games seemed to be what took over on the kickstarter.

Thinking gaming 2020

Yes, the year 2020 is coming up. A new decade. This may be early to talk about but right now I think we should be enjoying the last of what this decade has to offer. Then you have to think how has this decade been gaming wise? 4K was on the rise, Games like GTA, Skyrim, PUBG, Breath of The Wild, Mario Odyssey, Kingdom Hearts 3, etc there is beyond so many games to even mention. I also think too has it changed video gaming for the better? That is the question we shall find out closer to the end of this decade.

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The Variety Bunch

A variety of games!
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Having some variety in your life is always good. Having a good variety of games is pretty cool, Your immersing yourself in other aspects of a world of gaming. I touched on this in my Goemon article when I mentioned that the game was different than the other games out there. Just before I get into this too, As you all know I respect everyone’s gaming preferences and all that. Some folks only like a certain type of games and have fun with that, I love it they enjoy what they like. This article is in a way some homage to those type of games that you may have not heard about or anything about the series etc.

The gaming landscape changes a lot. You can look back through the decades and just see how far we’ve come and what games have evolved to today. Mostly too what I’m getting at is games that don’t really come to North America, Goemon was one an action adventure game. It’s the story and how you go about the game-play is what isn’t what most of the west world is used to. Konami has said themselves too that the series is too specific for Japanese culture and that’s why they aren’t (weren’t) released worldwide, Which is unfortunate because it’s another game we can add to our gaming library. Japanese games add other elements that some of the rest of the world may not understand, or get a grasp of. I recall a game Mischief Makers on the N64. Honestly I didn’t have the slightest clue (even when playing all these years later again while I get more of the idea now though) It combies platform gaming with puzzle gaming. It was noted too that when it originally came out that the game was too confusing and most criticized the game as whole. I’m happy to say though years later the game has been labeled as an underrated game and hopes of a revival have quietly been around.

Japanese RPG games are know to have lots of depth in their games. They can also be quite hard games when you have it on the most hardest difficulty also. One of the games that come to mind is the Persona series from Shin Megami Tensei series (Persona is a sub series to the Megami Tensei series…confused yet? there’s also another in the series called Q and it features the cast from Persona 3 and 4) The story of the persona games are very deep and more in depth to say your traditional Final Fantasy games. The Persona games you can say are a totally different element than the others. Persona 4 at times I feel plays like a simulation game as well, Romancing characters, Bonding and building friendships, Even working and going to school all while embarking on an adventure already going on.

I feel that RPG’s are some games that provide lots of depth. Then you do have some games that do try and do different things that just really don’t work out. Fallout 4 is a good example. Taking everything out of what it built it’s series on and tossing that. The building elements of Fallout 4 too totally lost me and lots of other fans as well. Dark Cloud 2 on PS2 utilized a building aspect of the game. The mechanics of how they did it for us was real fun though and we enjoyed it. Lots of games have that extra something not totally related to the story or movement of the game but they are fun. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle featured the chao garden where you are raising the chao babies. Honestly I was kind of hooked on this and it was some little fun and break in the action of the game. The Legend of Zelda series featured across many games all the extra things you could do that didn’t count to any fashion of completing the game, It just counted to the players overall experience of the game. Some things don’t really work out and the odd time the extra things you do in game are actually more fun than the actual game itself.

Dragon Quest series has been more open to North America these days (as also mentioned in this article I read) Fatal Frame was a pretty cool concept on a game that I wish got more notoriety in the West. Also as mentioned in the article one that me and my friends had a particular interest in as well, The Mother Series. Mother 3 in fact that was slated for a North American translation that all but disappeared as the years went on. Check out this article of the 25 best Japanese games that didn`t see the light in North America 

I guess in some little way I can understand that they can`t bring every single game out in North America based on so many factors. I recall one time playing around with some emulators and roms my friend caught his eye on SMT (Shin Megami Tensei) we knew of the name from the Persona series and all. He was curious and checked it out. We were blown away that we had just found the very first game in the series. It was translated too (not sure if fan made translation or something else) still though we were in awe playing. The game was pretty fun also my friend was more into the RPG`s of the time and I was the one watching and helping out. I would love to own an original copy of the game, Of course with such as the game is in Japanese I wouldn’t  know how to read it unfortunately.

I love gaming, I love to play all sorts of games and immerse myself in world of fantasy, adventure, excitement. I have fun with so many games out there that I add a variety and have fun with what I have. Again this doesn’t mean not having variety is bad, I guess though without knowing what other types of games and such aren’t out there then you wouldn’t know. Oh for the love of gaming so many games of so many varieties and such little time. Did I miss any games or the odd games such as Attack of the Mutant Penguins? I missed so much because there is an abundance of so much out there. That’s why hearing from you, Teach me and tell me about other games that I may not know or didn’t cover in this article today.

~Gamer Jeff

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