Multiplayer you know more than one fri…..end…..person. In any capacity multiplayer gaming with one or more friends or family members is a staple in gaming these days. I am going to be focusing more on the couch type co-op playing in the same room with the person. We’ll get into online gaming in another post. Time to relive some memories!

The earliest memories I have are PC gaming with my Mom. It was a more of a take turns type of thing with like action scenarios, In any event pretty much where it all started for me. NES was the main for us, Mario 1 & 3 when we were playing taking turns trying to get as many levels beat as possible. Well we really only got to the end of the second stage on Mario 3 and with Mario one up to 5 before we couldn’t really trek anymore.

Now I can go on and on about what games I have played multiplayer and whatnot, That would be stretching my memory a bit there. I played a lot of the classics, Marios, Street Fighters, Mortal Kombats, Mario Parties, etc I’ve done my time and enjoyed some couch co-op playing a gamer with someone in the same room as me. NHL games were quite our thing too. Me and my friend would create players and just have ourselves a very fun and very high scoring game.

Now before I get the whole “woah your missing something here” Of course, I played the hell out of Goldeneye 64. It was the pinnacle, That game just mentioning was the such of what legends talk about. I learned to dominate the game. The style they had it and overall game play of course added to it’s magic if it wasn’t muliplayer it was single player. I of course will get into Goldeneye another time as such a great game deserves it’s own article. I think most of us 90’s kids were on to Goldeneye. The follow up in later years of a James Bond game I found Agent Under Fire and Nightfire actually weren’t as bad. Nightfire got the more edge for me since it allowed bots as Agent Under Fire didn’t.

The PS2 was really the end of days for this type of Multiplayer. PC gaming online was alive and well though as for console gaming I feel PS2 were the last good days. Some of my last good memories were playing the NASCAR games, The Sims 2, and NHL of course. The odd time on PS3 I’d play some NHL with someone and then the Wii we’d play some of the sports, Also as I got older it wasn’t really a thing anymore for myself personally. This where I pretty much transitioned into the online gaming realms. Nothing against it but online sometimes just doesn’t quite offer the same as someone sitting by you.

Years have passed and I’m happy to say that the multiplayer days of couch co-op and playing a 2 player game have been reborn! Me and my 5 year old son have gone back to the past and been playing those games. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter may wait a bit though we got NHL, Mario Kart, Mario Games, etc it’s amazing to come back after all these years and relive those days. It’s like they never left. It’s also too some good old simple gaming fun. Sharing it with my son seeing how happy he is playing is truly something special.

~Gamer Jeff

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Consumer Report #1 Why did the PlayStation Classic Fail, Should you buy or pass on it?

My thoughts on the Sony PlayStation Classic in this very first edition of Consumer Reports

Welcome to my new series about you the consumer. These articles are important to me as it will help the regular consumer get the best and most bang for their buck on various gaming and technology that is out there today.

So today we are looking at Sony’s venture into the classic edition market. Is it too early to call it a fail? Well it’s dropping price fast and there is little to no interest on it’s device.

What is it?

The Sony PlayStation Classic is a small little device representing that of an original PlayStation that debuted back in 1995. Included were 2 controllers notably the very original controllers that did not have analog sticks, A USB Micro A-Standard USB-A Cable, Also a standard HDMI cable. Notably an AC adapter was sold separately. The device features 20 games and vary depending on the region you are in. (North America, Europe, Japan) The games ran on an emulator specific to the PlayStation. The device itself playing games from the original PlayStation with a setup of today’s technology ex, having save states and ability to suspend the game play to return to it at a later point.


In Canada the PlayStation Classic retailed at around $130. The United States for $100. In Australia the device cost $150. The PlayStation classic can be seen on sale in Canada for about $79.99, About a $50 difference from the original price. The USA you can find it now at about a price for $45-$50 resulting in a a difference of about $50-$55. The PlayStation Classic released on December 3rd, Less than a month it was dropped in price.

How is it?

Well, The most notable thing was it’s questionable gaming lineup. I won’t get into every game but there were some huge omissions including some of Sony’s classic games that made the PlayStation the console of choice back in 1995. The console library was lacking. The controller using the original controller didn’t really help them as some games it is challenging using a D-Pad for various movements. The overall software also is questionable. The device playing the games uses ROM’s. Most of the ROM’s are PAL (European Region) and therefore do not fully optimize or work on a North American TV. Those are 3 massive blows already. I have seen game play of some of the games affecting the frame rate and struggling to help emulate the game.


It’s just very disappointing, Sony could have really knocked this out of the park. I am not 100% sure on how the licensing of some of the games would work, Though what made the PlayStation as great as it was back in 1995 was it’s great library of games. Crash Bandicoot games, Spyro, Tomb Raider, etc. I mean the NES Classic and SNES classic have been on the market for a real long time, One of Sony’s biggest competitors also. Couldn’t have someone bought any of their devices and done some research on it before they started to make their own? The NES and SNES classics have been a huge success. Then you have the issue with the lack of the analog stick. So the couple games they have like Metal Gear Solid and Syphon Filter would have been way more better with an analog stick as opposed to the d-pad. The issue of optimizing, The ROM’s being PAL where in North America is only optimized to NTSC. Personally also payin $130 (Canadian Dollars) I would rather them add an AC adapter rather then having to buy it separately, I get the idea but when your concerned about voltage and stuff like that, Maybe you aren’t too informed on that subject so it would just be better to have the adapter included. I’m giving the Sony PlayStation Classic a 2.5 Stars out of 5. It is nice to go back to the past and relive it, Though at what cost and paying for what your hoping is at least an optimized device for your region.

Jeff’s Advice

If you really want one just keep on waiting because the price is going to keep on dropping. Keep your eyes open you never know either there may be a sale somewhere and you’ll be able to pick it up for real cheap. I wouldn’t spend more than $25-$35 on the device. I don’t think it’s really worth that much, Don’t forget you will have to buy an AC adapter also. Lets just hope this doesn’t become a standard for Sony.

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A Gamer isn’t a gender

If you look up the word/term “Gamer” this what you get, “A gamer is one who plays and/or devises games” “Someone who plays games as a hobby” “a person who plays games especially a person who regularly plays computer or video games” You can look up for days all the terms and so on and so fourth what they have. I looked for a good 20 minutes on google and other various sites and the definitions above are generally what I see and come across. I know other folks will have a different view to this while some may not mind I am thinking of the bigger picture here. I did not see the “Gamer Girl” anywhere I looked. I am sure if I spent more time I’d see something somewhere but anyways I didn’t.

My personal view point on this too. I honestly haven’t referred to anyone as a “Gamer Girl” like with so many others they are gamers. Passionate and love their choice of entertainment just like the rest of gamers. I hate how the few who have to label such gamers by such labels “gamer girl” “fake gamer” “nintendo fanboy” I don’t get it. Sadly with how society has been going also I see a lot of it getting worse and worse. When I used to go into gaming online we all treated each other as equals and human beings. We didn’t think or dare to try to label anyone based on gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc. 

When I was growing up my choice of gaming was the NES and a PC. I would play some of the NES with my Dad casual fun. If we are talking more hardcore here then I’m on the PC with my Mom. We played some coloring games, Those old story book games, My favorite was the Toy Story PC game. I could maybe do 3 of the levels, It was my Mom, She was the master of the game. Watching her go through level by level and beating them inching closer towards the end of the game, It was something so special. Unfortunately we got to the end of the game and didn’t beat it. It did get pretty tough. There were so many other games though on the PC that I played with my Mom as a kid, That is how I got my passion and into gaming. 

I used to game a lot with my sister also back in the day. N64 and PlayStation up to the PS2/Gamecube was our thing. More great gaming memories she used to help me progress through some games and we used to work with each other in getting past games. As I did get older though I did think and wonder how she felt that a lot of games we played mostly had a male protagonist role or focused on a man for the game. This wasn’t any bad thinking on my part, This was because I know my sister had fun with gaming and I sure didn’t want to see her lose that passion and that something that was apart of her life. One Easter she got a game Rogue Ops for the PS2 that featured a female role. I remember that she spent so much time completing that game she felt so immersed in it, I loved it. 

To me gaming is for everyone, Some enjoy different aspects and other types of gaming than what others do. I remember at school during my primary days honestly actually most of the kids didn’t game at all, The girls also weren’t into it and I remember some saying that it was because the guys (men) turn it into some hardcore competition that doesn’t make it fun for them. I have never been about that, Unfortunately I can still see that divide these days also. Worse part too it’s especially in online gaming where girls get raided with all these questions, quizzes, doubts, why they game, etc. Now how ridiculous is that? It’s gaming it’s entertainment it’s whats fun for them! Going back to the label on this though “gamer girl” like I mentioned to some ladies they don’t mind anything being called that, That’s fine. My point will go to how I seen my friend Kate word it in a tweet and I couldn’t have agreed more. “I hate the term gamer girl. Last time I checked, I’m just a gamer. My gender has zero to do with gaming” It’s worded so perfectly and I applaud my friend Kate for sharing this in an age where social media can be quite a rowdy place. Anything to do with gender doesn’t have anything to do with a gamer. You may ask does the term gamer guy bother me? To me not personally but I can see why to others they would ask why. It’s an unnecessary label that we don’t need.

I have to be quite honest here too, I honestly don’t really know what the ladies go though. In a way too I don’t think I’ll ever understand. I just hope for a day or a time where we don’t have to label anyone by gender on gaming and so on. Now again we’ll get to the point on some people “The term does not bother me” the keyword in that was “Me” the person itself. It honestly doesn’t have to bother you or the “me” in particular, It’s the other person. In all I just say respect that person. I tailor myself with how I am with friends I just find it as a form of respect. The many terms can be attributed to an old way of thinking, As a society we’ve built years and years upon things that we think or thought that were fine and just brushed it off to the side while the feelings of those and such had just been buried away. Now as society and those who have risen up and gathered their voice to speak out you have those of the old way shouting back “oh no this is how it’s been for years! it doesn’t matter! I mean it doesn’t matter to me!” The keywords in there “Me” “It doesn’t matter” Attribute the respect that should be going fourth.

To end off I just ask, Think about the next time when you use the terms “Gamer Girl” think about that other person. You will have your beliefs and opinions, For those guys that think it’s fine or don’t have an issue with it quite honestly that’s not for you to say as your not in the perspective or position to give. Just think about how that nice lady who enjoys her games not because the game has something to do with gender, It’s just a game and shes playing it without any label or grief whats so ever. “Why am I being called a gamer girl? wouldn’t I be just as a gamer as anyone else would be?” Of course. There are so many of us out there like my friend Kate who accept and welcome all gamers no matter how they be! We love the fact that we can interact and share our experiences with those because we connect with gaming.

Huge shout out goes to my dear friend Kate. I first thank her so much for allowing me to share this post and write about something that I hope someone reads and they feel the comfort in knowing there are gamers like me and Kate who truly care. I also want to thank Kate on some inspiration to me. Kate has a beautiful blog site that I truly have enjoyed, It inspired me to keep up my work and connect with more fellow gamers out there. I encourage you to check out her site here please give her some love she deserves a lot! I am very humbled and appreciate of our friendship.

~Gamer Jeff

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Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming #4 1/10/19

Welcome back to the January 10th edition of Jeff’s Gaming Thoughts!

LAST ARTICLE: Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming #3 1/8/19


Activison and Bungie part ways

2 pretty big companies have decided to go their separate ways. Activision and Bungie who were working on the Destiny series it will now be interesting to see how Bungie will go fourth with this venture as they now acquired the sole rights of the franchise. Personally Destiny 1 was a huge flop for me for many reasons, Destiny 2 seemed like to have gone through the same thing. So what does this mean for a possible Destiny 3? Well now with Bungie who had success with the Halo series can do what they want without someone else leaning over their shoulder. Is this the start of a change for the series? It remains to be seen.

Another Fantasy On The Nintendo Switch

It’s been redone and remastered and whatnot. Final Fantasy 10 and 10×2, The Zodiac Age will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. What does this mean? You can play a main series Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo console once again! As it with being on the switch you can also take it on the go. Honestly I’ve been over with remakes for a while now, I do think this is cool though it is what it is. I would of course love to see the series make a return full time to Nintendo back where it originally started.

Will we see a slow down on game remakes?

Oh lord I hope so. Look I am all about preserving and not forgetting the great games, Though really how many times are we going to get The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? I heard a rumor that it was going to be coming out again in some capacity. Also too right now there are a number of games too that would be way more well deserving, Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube is one of those many deserving titles. How about a remake of a Clock Tower game? Now I understand the licensing and other stuff is an obstacle so one can only dream. As for a whole though where do we stand on the gaming remakes? It’s starting to get old and stale and I can see the old gamer quietly being turned off as they would like to see something fresh and new hit the market.

Is Digital the new way of life?

Seems like it everyday. I prefer a physical copy of things of course, I think it’s in a way becoming inevitable that digital will be the new main thing. What about streaming then? Oh wow I can see so many ways how it would not work and be something bad against the consumer. Digital distribution is great though for the issues on pre-ordering. The whole pre-ordering of games can be pretty messy and scalpers, resellers, etc oh my goodness. Digital in a way along with streaming really only benefits those with some good storage space and passport devices for more storage, Internet and unlimited internet would be a must also. Internet speed you may get away with for just getting digital games but streaming would be a different story. Unlimited internet would be a must in either case as going over your data would be pretty pricey. Pros and Cons here!


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The Variety Bunch

A variety of games!
#TheGamerJeff #GamingBlog

Having some variety in your life is always good. Having a good variety of games is pretty cool, Your immersing yourself in other aspects of a world of gaming. I touched on this in my Goemon article when I mentioned that the game was different than the other games out there. Just before I get into this too, As you all know I respect everyone’s gaming preferences and all that. Some folks only like a certain type of games and have fun with that, I love it they enjoy what they like. This article is in a way some homage to those type of games that you may have not heard about or anything about the series etc.

The gaming landscape changes a lot. You can look back through the decades and just see how far we’ve come and what games have evolved to today. Mostly too what I’m getting at is games that don’t really come to North America, Goemon was one an action adventure game. It’s the story and how you go about the game-play is what isn’t what most of the west world is used to. Konami has said themselves too that the series is too specific for Japanese culture and that’s why they aren’t (weren’t) released worldwide, Which is unfortunate because it’s another game we can add to our gaming library. Japanese games add other elements that some of the rest of the world may not understand, or get a grasp of. I recall a game Mischief Makers on the N64. Honestly I didn’t have the slightest clue (even when playing all these years later again while I get more of the idea now though) It combies platform gaming with puzzle gaming. It was noted too that when it originally came out that the game was too confusing and most criticized the game as whole. I’m happy to say though years later the game has been labeled as an underrated game and hopes of a revival have quietly been around.

Japanese RPG games are know to have lots of depth in their games. They can also be quite hard games when you have it on the most hardest difficulty also. One of the games that come to mind is the Persona series from Shin Megami Tensei series (Persona is a sub series to the Megami Tensei series…confused yet? there’s also another in the series called Q and it features the cast from Persona 3 and 4) The story of the persona games are very deep and more in depth to say your traditional Final Fantasy games. The Persona games you can say are a totally different element than the others. Persona 4 at times I feel plays like a simulation game as well, Romancing characters, Bonding and building friendships, Even working and going to school all while embarking on an adventure already going on.

I feel that RPG’s are some games that provide lots of depth. Then you do have some games that do try and do different things that just really don’t work out. Fallout 4 is a good example. Taking everything out of what it built it’s series on and tossing that. The building elements of Fallout 4 too totally lost me and lots of other fans as well. Dark Cloud 2 on PS2 utilized a building aspect of the game. The mechanics of how they did it for us was real fun though and we enjoyed it. Lots of games have that extra something not totally related to the story or movement of the game but they are fun. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle featured the chao garden where you are raising the chao babies. Honestly I was kind of hooked on this and it was some little fun and break in the action of the game. The Legend of Zelda series featured across many games all the extra things you could do that didn’t count to any fashion of completing the game, It just counted to the players overall experience of the game. Some things don’t really work out and the odd time the extra things you do in game are actually more fun than the actual game itself.

Dragon Quest series has been more open to North America these days (as also mentioned in this article I read) Fatal Frame was a pretty cool concept on a game that I wish got more notoriety in the West. Also as mentioned in the article one that me and my friends had a particular interest in as well, The Mother Series. Mother 3 in fact that was slated for a North American translation that all but disappeared as the years went on. Check out this article of the 25 best Japanese games that didn`t see the light in North America 

I guess in some little way I can understand that they can`t bring every single game out in North America based on so many factors. I recall one time playing around with some emulators and roms my friend caught his eye on SMT (Shin Megami Tensei) we knew of the name from the Persona series and all. He was curious and checked it out. We were blown away that we had just found the very first game in the series. It was translated too (not sure if fan made translation or something else) still though we were in awe playing. The game was pretty fun also my friend was more into the RPG`s of the time and I was the one watching and helping out. I would love to own an original copy of the game, Of course with such as the game is in Japanese I wouldn’t  know how to read it unfortunately.

I love gaming, I love to play all sorts of games and immerse myself in world of fantasy, adventure, excitement. I have fun with so many games out there that I add a variety and have fun with what I have. Again this doesn’t mean not having variety is bad, I guess though without knowing what other types of games and such aren’t out there then you wouldn’t know. Oh for the love of gaming so many games of so many varieties and such little time. Did I miss any games or the odd games such as Attack of the Mutant Penguins? I missed so much because there is an abundance of so much out there. That’s why hearing from you, Teach me and tell me about other games that I may not know or didn’t cover in this article today.

~Gamer Jeff

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Surrounded by a fake support of an FB Group

***TO CLARIFY*** Most of this article deals with mental health and an unresolved health issue that had unknowingly plagued me and affected my state of mine and actions as the issue was serious and affecting parts of my everyday life. In way is this article to incriminate or put anyone down. These are after feelings of reflection and a long battle of mental and health issues. Life happens and learning is a part of life.


Today’s article will be about some more personal experiences I have endured. It will touch base on some gaming. As you all know I am passionate and am a believer on play and enjoy your games how you want. Personally while being online and making friends naturally I want to help create a great community of gaming friends and what not. I have tried, I’m not perfect, I have failed, I got back up, I’ve been shunned away, I’ve been back stabbed and forgotten. It’s a cruel world out there sometimes. Of course not everyone I’ve been with in a group has turned out bad. You just need to make sure you realize the toxic before it consumes you. Due to the personal and sensitive nature of this topic names and group names will be left out of it. I hold no ill-will or any issues with any group founders or members, I have simply moved on.

I have been and seen so many changes to YouTube and the social aspect of an online gaming community. Sadly more recent memories have me looking back thankful that I am now out of the toxic grounds. Though unfortunately mentally it took a lot out of me. I’ve always been one to help build a good decent community full of support and help. I have and couldn’t count off hand how many folks I have endorsed, supported, helped out, confided in, All to be for nothing. It’s draining and in a lot of ways a waste of energy. I just like to think out there that sometime I’ll make a difference and won’t be forgotten in all this mess.

Now of course many friends who I have helped, endorsed, etc haven’t forgotten about me, I am very thankful and humbled for those folks. They know who they are and if they are also reading this they have stuck with me. Believe me I am ever so thankful for the friendship. The connections I have made all over the world mean a lot to me also. I still to this day 10 years later keep in touch with my very close Aussie friend who I have adopted as family, My Aunty whom is ever so loved by my family.

You may be asking too why am I bringing up something that’s so negative. I want someone to read this and not go through the same horrible experience me and others did. It really affected me and some others mentally that it hurt some aspects of fun online for us. If you recall my article in an article I wrote Have fun gaming online! I mentioned that playing online with a small group of then friends hurt a lot when things went sour. A lot of this attributes to some toxic things that I hope to someone whom is reading this can learn from my mishaps and misadventures.

I’ll go with more recent memories here. Facebook, Oh how Facebook has become such a negative hole for me. Me and a friend had helped start a gaming group with “friends” due to another group that became horribly toxic and filled with trolls. It was interesting because the group founder used to be a close friend of mine, Sadly I will say he got consumed into the realm of being a star or icon on social media. Again no ill-will it’s all in the past. I should mention too that unknowingly I had some health issues that were plaguing me and affected such things as my mood and chemical imbalances. So anyways the new group was born and was praised for the more support and friendlier grounds. Running a group on FB is a lot of work and there will be times where you can’t please everyone. I feel also that a lot of folks had been criticizing me and my friend based on our personal life schedules and stuff. I mean no offense to anyone either but a lot of the group did think they were some huge stars and demanded so much from everyone. We’ve had and myself personally posting videos just to have them quickly rated down. Now honestly to me doesn’t matter but whats messed up is that these were folks we took as friends and that’s how they treated everyone? Why troll? What benefit do you get from it?

2016 I started to in a way become less active but more helpful? I left the group to run to my friend and other folks. I was now just a regular participant of the group. The toxicity vibes were just getting worse. They were criticizing game choices, what they were playing, The console of choice, Nintendo was often the rise of arguments along with PC preferences, Like there was just so much it was ridiculous. In a way it just really messes with your mind. So there was something Nintendo and right away the first thing you see is a whole bunch of negativity spewing over it. Look it’s fine that someone doesn’t agree or that you may not like something, Though you don’t need to go on some huge high horse scoff on why you are solely right and everyone else and fact is incorrect. I used to get such a rise out of this one member that if you said something PC (personal computer) the comments section was just a battle, Oh my goodness. In the other times too there was just a lack of support and lots of bullying within, Like getting help or something it was like you just asked for like a million dollars or something totally ridiculous. By the time 2017 rolled around I was becoming less and less active.

My 2017 was a strange time for me. Little did I know there was some issues plaguing my health and it wouldn’t be solved until later in 2018. It was a very very tough struggle. I was all but finished with this toxic hole. I started to quietly disappear from a community that I once believed in, That I once helped build, That I once helped support, That I once helped to try and make friends to make a difference. What really bothered me and I grew foul over was that pretty much nobody who took me as a friend at least checked in on my well being. Sadly it seems that it has how society has become a lot these days. That’s why I say if you have those loyal friends hold on to them as much and show them as much appreciation as you can. When you invest a lot of time helping folks just to have them turn your back on you it’s a pretty low feeling. I had personally deactivated my FB but was able to keep my messages afloat. Even my friend whom was helping me run the group had grown tired and sick of the toxic hole it had become.

So 2018 has come and the peak of my health issues were at the top now. Now unfortunately with this I was not in control of a lot of my mood, and other functions that were plaguing me. I wasn’t the same person in some ways sadly and I’m happy to have been able to get the help I needed. Now this toxic group that I hadn’t been apart for a real long time now, So one day I learned that it had upped and banished itself. How would I know this? I was littered with messages and comments and tweets, Threats and anger directed at me. I was shocked, I was floored, I was disgusted. This also happened to my friend too. I wondered why all of a sudden some folks had started to check in on me, Though it was all for their own gain. Yet again disappointed and let down by those you thought had your back. A disgusting movement and so much talking behind our backs it just left me in a state where I was so happy to be rid of everything. Honestly my only guess and logical viewpoint I have as to what happened with the group, It was tied to a very old and buggy FB account of mine. I had deleted the account and then after the 30 days it deleted off the server. It must have taken the group with it? I really don’t know, Nor now care as to why as a huge weight had been taken off of me. The group I had long ago created represented nothing of what a good community of support should have been. Assuming and accusing someone of doing something without factual evidence is quite bold and rather unintelligent. The group had I believe over 400 folks? So with those that said we went in and removed 400 group members and subsequently canceled the group? Yeah I do believe I am sounding quite crazy now. Though honestly nobody was upset for long, As I saw everyone had moved on to a new group that most of the folks acclaimed that they will help to run and make it the best as they can! Well best of luck to them.

Anyways in all after my health issues had been solved I turned back into feeling like myself again. Honestly I felt happy again, The toxic hole was gone also. It was truly a great feeling. All those that had turned their backs on us made me realize and learn something about myself and the community of gaming as a whole. The group and circle me and my friend were apart of was a support built upon fake. So when the fake finally began to expose itself, The foundation crumbled. Now we know when we build a foundation we use real support!

We can’t forget also my friend here who tried and helped make this vision come true. This all consumed him into this dark hole of negativity too. He truly tried his best to make the gaming community a great place. He didn’t and doesn’t deserve the toxic negativity thrown at him. He was always true and helped everyone out. He deserves a lot of love here. Managing a fake support is just very exhausting and such an energy waster. It’s just in a way all for nothing.

So again without sounding like a broken record repeating myself, This article is destined to shine some light on the darker elements of how a gaming community group can draw such a negative dark toxic hole. Also a main focus of this is mental health. I couldn’t exaggerate enough how poorly this affected my mental health, Let alone also how my friend felt also being in the position. Toxic negativity when it consumes you it just eats away at you. You just feel some kind of low. Your stuck in this hole and you want and just claw and try and get it. It’s a very long path back to the light. I’m happy to say though once it’s been all done and personally especially after my health issues cleared, I have climbed myself out of that deep hole. My friend also has found more light in moving away from those aspects on FB. The toxic wants to go where it’s fed the attention, They want to only hear whatever pleases them. I’ll say that no matter in what group your in that the values and common courtesy of respect should play a role. Yes you may not agree or like the whatever it may be, Though showboating and constantly downing the person that their tastes and what they like are morally wrong and claim that is what’s wrong with such and such thing these days, That’s exactly the thing you don’t do in a group. Once that starts in comes and starts the plague of negativity. I just think of it as a tiny and narrow mind, Those folks would have never put themselves in the place of anyone else and think for a minute how they are coming off or acting like such a fool.

Well then, Long article today and it feels good to get some of this off my chest. I really hope that this finds some light and maybe some other folks will reflect and see that they weren’t alone, Even if they are drawn into a group and stuck in that toxic negative void. This post right here is your help. I again mean no ill-will toward anyone what is done is done. The cares around are non existent, They will breathe in their own toxic arrogance foul smell. I wish them all the best, They had a good support going for them. Thank you all for bearing with me and hearing me out it truly feels good.

~Gamer Jeff

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Goemon, What happened to you? Please come back!

Do you remember Goemon?! I want him back! Read about that here!

The Goemon series is one of my favorites. Mystical Ninja it’s the perfect alias. Goemon isn’t gone, Maybe he’s got some passport or visa issues that he can’t get over to North America and he’s stuck in Japan. Wonder if it has something to do with that company that’s gone all crazy….oh Konami. Although the series is not dead or finished it remains to be seen what will happen and if we will ever see a Goemon game again.

Let’s go back to a simpler time, 1999 to be exact. To the day you are reading this blog (writing this it’s January 8th 2019) 20 years ago was the last time North America had received a Goemon game. Goemon’s Great Adventure on the Nintendo 64. It was released a year earlier in Japan. I remember renting the game way back then from the video store. That was all folks. That was the last time Goemon released a game in North America.

The last game in the main series of Goemon was released way back in 2005 in Japan on the Nintendo DS. The most recent use of anything Goemon related was in 2011 in Japan for a Pachinko machine. 2003 a spin-off series Goemon was last used in mobile gaming. Last time for a console was a spin-off on the original PlayStation. A year previous though a spin-off game was released on the PlayStation 2 making it the most recent console a Goemon game has appeared on. The last of the main series to have made it on console was in 2001 on the PlayStation.

Goemon is animated as a humorous adventure action type of game. It’s silly in it’s own way but hey if that makes the game fun then why not. With a smoke pipe in hand as his weapon Goemon started his life in the games as a famous thief from Japanese folklore. Goemon later on though changes his persona to that all loving hero that most of us North Americans came to know. The series stays true to it’s Japanese origins, and how Japanese anime is usually perceived. Sticking with it’s roots that’s why it was so beloved in Japan. So you may ask what happened to Goemon?

Honestly I have researched here and there. So the most possible answer I can come up with from a North American standpoint is that most of the western culture either doesn’t understand the game, have little to no interest (due to what is associated with “odd” ideas of a game), or that it just doesn’t fit in at all with gaming in the western culture. It’s unfortunate because it add’s variety to a library of games that in a lot of ways these days is a bit stale at times for me. All that for another time but to me the more variety the better I think. As for what happened in Japan I can’t really find anything other than Konami has quietly pushed it away somewhere and has seemingly forgotten about the series, Other than for it’s use with gambling and Japanese slots games, Goemon has all but vanished from the gaming world.

Further research and reading since we didn’t really know much about what happened with the series out in North America, In Japan is where they may have lost it. Konami who with the Castlevania franchise in the mid 2000’s changed things a bit, So Konami changed up Goemon a bit. Well it didn’t work out as they wanted it and instead of going back and just fixing it up Konami dismissed it. When the games were released in North America a lot of the translations (you would of had to do some research to see the original character names and such from the Japanese version) the names of Goemon’s friends/partners. Their gambling machines have made them more profit than the games nowadays though so the chances of seeing Goemon back in a game don’t look very good. Goemon in North America again isn’t even remotely in the picture at all sadly.

While Goemon had graced us in the past with their brief stint of games back in the past it left an impression on some of us. Once a beloved character in a world of video gaming consumed by a greedy and mismanaged company whose only interest now is to put the beloved in gambling machines for the greater of profit. Oh Goemon like me there are others out there that hold some hope in any revival of a Goemon game to be bestowed upon us in North America once again. It would help to add some more variety within games again also. Will we ever see Goemon again?

~Gamer Jeff

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