Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming #6

6th edition of whats burning on my mind that I need to get out to you. Lets dive right into it.

Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch

Filler one here, Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch!? Yeah I did an article on this. I feel though this is truly important. We have 2 big gaming companies joining forces in some capacity. You have to say this is good for the gamer in you.

A new industry standard?

Lets see if I can attempt to figure this one out. EA’s new game Anthem seems to have a chart on across where you bought the game is when you can play the game. Let me recreate that chart for you.

If you have Origin Access Premier (PC) You get the demo and full game early Feb 15th

Across all platforms you get the demo.

On Xbox One and PS4 you get the first play trial on Feb 15th but you only get 10 hours of play time. Then the full game releases on Feb 22nd

Does any of that make sense? I don’t understand the 10 hour trial and I really hope that it doesn’t become the new industry standard. I’m fine with early access.


Tax on games with a more mature rating?

This is a please no. This is a hell to the no, Why are we going to tax the consumer based off a game with a more mature setting. That’s like saying that there should be a tax on more mature related movies. I’m not sure where even something like this is thought of. If we have an issue with kids and the more mature related games, The parents need to step into action. You can follow along the article here Lawmakers want tax on mature related content video gaming I will talk about this subject more in a future article. For now though I hope that this does not come to pass.

Fortnite is in a windfall

Even though I am not totally a fan of the game, It’s cool to see it’s success. It is flowing in millions of dollars and lots of gamer’s are really enjoying the game. So what does this mean for other companies and gaming going fourth? It’s ironic also as Fortnite technically isn’t a complete game. For starters I don’t want to see companies or games coming out half complete that’s something that would drastically hurt the gaming landscape. A message to developers, Sometimes graphics aren’t all what makes a game. Game-play and having fun playing the game is what will keep the player coming back.

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Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming #1 11/26/18

Something to think about, Pondering my thoughts in this all new blog series, Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming

This is a new little series where I wanted to do, Write whats on my mind and put some thoughts to it. Multiple things on my mind with some short thoughts to it. Lets get into it.

PS5 Coming?

Just makes me wonder how much more can they do? I heard that they want to make it more compatible with a virtual reality 2 that they are supposedly doing. Is this where the trend is though? The supposed price point could be $660+ Canadian dollars. Wow, You know you can get a good PC for cheaper and even be able to play some pretty good games with it. It’s all still a work in progress and will see what happens.

Decline of Fallout games?

Doesn’t look like Fallout 76 is doing as good. Personally Fallout 4 was a dud for me it didn’t stay true or follow what the series had been about. So now take all of what was 4, Remove all that and make it into an online game and what do you have? A confused product. Unfortunately also now with back to back duds of a game how will the loyal and turned off fans be welcomed back? It’s an uphill climb for the Fallout delegate.

Fortnite is Game of the year

Some may be surprised to this as games like Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2 debuted this year. Does this signal a change, Or does this express a cultural movement in gamer’s these days. I am not saying there’s anything wrong with that it’s how it goes these days. I have personally had some moderate fun with it, My issue is that I won’t be able to do as well or achieve what I want in the game as I cannot afford the hours to play the game that so many other players have mastered. 

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