Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch!?

Have you ever wanted the best of both worlds all in one? In a way I’ve always wanted to see one of the big companies come together and do something for the greater good of gaming. So are we on the verge of that? Microsoft and Nintendo working together? What if it’s to team up and topple Sony? All speculation for now.

You can see the headline here Xbox Live coming to Nintendo Switch and other devices what does this mean? Well all we can say right now is that it means Xbox Live will be more accessible across other platforms. More exposure the better? Look I know we all are thinking there is something more deep in this, I agree to an extent. It looks like right now that this could be a move to help move the movement of cross-play between systems. I honestly think cross-play is super important, There is no reason to punish a consumer based on what console they purchase and play on.

So you wanna speculate now? Nintendo and Microsoft are teaming up, Nintendo will let Microsoft work on some of their games and they will release both on Switch and Xbox One. You will be able to play some Xbox One (older games from game pass) on the go with your Nintendo Switch.

How about some extreme speculation? Microsoft will buy Nintendo properties and start working with Nintendo to make the next ultimate gaming console that will expand to the PC race of gaming. Nintendo will be teaming up with Microsoft to make more games exclusive to the Xbox One.

Now come on both of those accounts of speculation would be awesome wouldn’t they? Who wouldn’t want a collaboration between 2 of the greatest gaming companies around. Though lets not get ahead of ourselves but damn that would be great. In general I do wish the companies sometimes would just come together and work together in creating some real great content together. They can still compete with each other in a business aspect, Though sometimes it would be cool to let loose and do something real cool.

What does this mean for you? Right now nothing really. If you don’t own either a Switch or any Xbox live services then there isn’t really anything for you. Now then if your an owner of both? You may feel a bit wondering “is this for real?” In some ways I was and still am too myself. My prediction will be that you will be able to do some stuff with Xbox Live on your Nintendo Switch, Then you will be able to play some Xbox game pass games (the older ones) on your Nintendo Switch which then you can take on the go. If that’s the case then you can see an increase of sales on Xbox game pass and I think that would be a very smart and great move on Microsoft’s part.

~Gamer Jeff



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A Gamer isn’t a gender

If you look up the word/term “Gamer” this what you get, “A gamer is one who plays and/or devises games” “Someone who plays games as a hobby” “a person who plays games especially a person who regularly plays computer or video games” You can look up for days all the terms and so on and so fourth what they have. I looked for a good 20 minutes on google and other various sites and the definitions above are generally what I see and come across. I know other folks will have a different view to this while some may not mind I am thinking of the bigger picture here. I did not see the “Gamer Girl” anywhere I looked. I am sure if I spent more time I’d see something somewhere but anyways I didn’t.

My personal view point on this too. I honestly haven’t referred to anyone as a “Gamer Girl” like with so many others they are gamers. Passionate and love their choice of entertainment just like the rest of gamers. I hate how the few who have to label such gamers by such labels “gamer girl” “fake gamer” “nintendo fanboy” I don’t get it. Sadly with how society has been going also I see a lot of it getting worse and worse. When I used to go into gaming online we all treated each other as equals and human beings. We didn’t think or dare to try to label anyone based on gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc. 

When I was growing up my choice of gaming was the NES and a PC. I would play some of the NES with my Dad casual fun. If we are talking more hardcore here then I’m on the PC with my Mom. We played some coloring games, Those old story book games, My favorite was the Toy Story PC game. I could maybe do 3 of the levels, It was my Mom, She was the master of the game. Watching her go through level by level and beating them inching closer towards the end of the game, It was something so special. Unfortunately we got to the end of the game and didn’t beat it. It did get pretty tough. There were so many other games though on the PC that I played with my Mom as a kid, That is how I got my passion and into gaming. 

I used to game a lot with my sister also back in the day. N64 and PlayStation up to the PS2/Gamecube was our thing. More great gaming memories she used to help me progress through some games and we used to work with each other in getting past games. As I did get older though I did think and wonder how she felt that a lot of games we played mostly had a male protagonist role or focused on a man for the game. This wasn’t any bad thinking on my part, This was because I know my sister had fun with gaming and I sure didn’t want to see her lose that passion and that something that was apart of her life. One Easter she got a game Rogue Ops for the PS2 that featured a female role. I remember that she spent so much time completing that game she felt so immersed in it, I loved it. 

To me gaming is for everyone, Some enjoy different aspects and other types of gaming than what others do. I remember at school during my primary days honestly actually most of the kids didn’t game at all, The girls also weren’t into it and I remember some saying that it was because the guys (men) turn it into some hardcore competition that doesn’t make it fun for them. I have never been about that, Unfortunately I can still see that divide these days also. Worse part too it’s especially in online gaming where girls get raided with all these questions, quizzes, doubts, why they game, etc. Now how ridiculous is that? It’s gaming it’s entertainment it’s whats fun for them! Going back to the label on this though “gamer girl” like I mentioned to some ladies they don’t mind anything being called that, That’s fine. My point will go to how I seen my friend Kate word it in a tweet and I couldn’t have agreed more. “I hate the term gamer girl. Last time I checked, I’m just a gamer. My gender has zero to do with gaming” It’s worded so perfectly and I applaud my friend Kate for sharing this in an age where social media can be quite a rowdy place. Anything to do with gender doesn’t have anything to do with a gamer. You may ask does the term gamer guy bother me? To me not personally but I can see why to others they would ask why. It’s an unnecessary label that we don’t need.

I have to be quite honest here too, I honestly don’t really know what the ladies go though. In a way too I don’t think I’ll ever understand. I just hope for a day or a time where we don’t have to label anyone by gender on gaming and so on. Now again we’ll get to the point on some people “The term does not bother me” the keyword in that was “Me” the person itself. It honestly doesn’t have to bother you or the “me” in particular, It’s the other person. In all I just say respect that person. I tailor myself with how I am with friends I just find it as a form of respect. The many terms can be attributed to an old way of thinking, As a society we’ve built years and years upon things that we think or thought that were fine and just brushed it off to the side while the feelings of those and such had just been buried away. Now as society and those who have risen up and gathered their voice to speak out you have those of the old way shouting back “oh no this is how it’s been for years! it doesn’t matter! I mean it doesn’t matter to me!” The keywords in there “Me” “It doesn’t matter” Attribute the respect that should be going fourth.

To end off I just ask, Think about the next time when you use the terms “Gamer Girl” think about that other person. You will have your beliefs and opinions, For those guys that think it’s fine or don’t have an issue with it quite honestly that’s not for you to say as your not in the perspective or position to give. Just think about how that nice lady who enjoys her games not because the game has something to do with gender, It’s just a game and shes playing it without any label or grief whats so ever. “Why am I being called a gamer girl? wouldn’t I be just as a gamer as anyone else would be?” Of course. There are so many of us out there like my friend Kate who accept and welcome all gamers no matter how they be! We love the fact that we can interact and share our experiences with those because we connect with gaming.

Huge shout out goes to my dear friend Kate. I first thank her so much for allowing me to share this post and write about something that I hope someone reads and they feel the comfort in knowing there are gamers like me and Kate who truly care. I also want to thank Kate on some inspiration to me. Kate has a beautiful blog site that I truly have enjoyed, It inspired me to keep up my work and connect with more fellow gamers out there. I encourage you to check out her site here please give her some love she deserves a lot! I am very humbled and appreciate of our friendship.

~Gamer Jeff

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Can you still make friends in online gaming?

I’ll answer this right away, It’s a yes. I think some will be shocked or surprised by my quick yes to this. Though it is still very and quite possible to do this. The thing is while it is still very much possible it is quite rare nowadays that it may happen. So while yes you can make friends in online gaming but the chances that the person isn’t a troll or plain ignorant, rude, and way too over competitive is low.

Years and years ago, 2005 lets say. I was able to go into an online game (granted on PC at the time) I found it easier to make friends online. I could go into the game, Get a nice chat, Help with what I was doing, Some extra information and advice, I was set on my way. Game that is coming to mind right now for that is Guild Wars. World of Warcraft was the same also. I used to go on Wolfenstein Enemy Territory and get into good groups of playing with folks from all around the world. I would say up until about 2010 this was pretty good. Granted still great playing with personal friends you know.

So where did it all go wrong from there? Well I guess I wouldn’t say wrong, Though much as with society itself has drastically changed. When the more competitive edge came around seemed like there was a divide there. While I can be competitive and of course want to win while I play a game, I can’t forget the fact that I am in a game having fun in a world such as within the video game console. Then of course when I am playing with personal friends I have to think how I am coming off myself while playing. The incentive in adding money and competitions to competitive gaming?  Well that’s where I think you see the divide even more. Especially with e-sports that’s become a huge thing with people devoting even more time to gaming just like it is a full time job, My question is even if they say it is fun to them do they truly still feel that same leisurely fun?

I respect all aspects of online gaming, Them competitive folks and those into the e-sports, That’s how they have their fun of online gaming. It’s been unfortunately the recent years games like GTA Online where trolls run wild, Call of Duty, PvP games, It’s just now a very hard landscape of playing online and making that quality friend. While it can still be done, Hope shines to me as a recent game of Sea of Thieves I got into a game with a random person. This person proceeded to help us to play the game and played the music with us. It made me smile and reminded me of the good old days.

~Gamer Jeff

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Overwhelmed with Red Dead Redemption 2?

Has Red Dead Redemption 2 Overwhelmed me?!

So I along with many other folks picked up Red Dead Redemption 2 on launch day. Actually I waited until the next morning I wasn’t in rush and the game was pre-ordered for me anyway, I could wait. It was an 8 year waiting in the making. I popped it in and started it up. Memories of when I played the first Red Dead Redemption flowed back into my mind. Thinking back on that as I type this up now I do wonder if I over-hyped myself, Something I rarely do these days. Anyways I’ve played a good 2 hours into the game? Let me dive in to some thoughts so far.

Graphically wise it is what it is for me, I’m not that big on graphics. Unless like the game looked real bad or something then perhaps I’d have a comment on that. Though for now the game looks pretty good. 

Graphically for me it is what it is, I’m not one of those graphic enthusiasts, If the game is good then I’m good. Unless like the graphics were noticeably very bad then I would have some things to say about it. The game looks real nice. I am playing on a standard model PS4, So 1080HD is all I’m getting. I did have to axe out a good list of my games though just to install it on my hard drive and I was not very happy with that at all. As with a lot of new games now I feel it just starts slow, Gotta do these little things and listen to lots of talking while watching cut scenes.  

When I did finally get to control something I dusted off my controller and did what I had to do to progress the game. Not bad controls, pause menu, movement are consistent and feel good. The little icons on the map are a bit odd to see, I think it’s the way I have my tv but anyways. I did the little things the game wanted, Then did a few more things. I feel that the couple things I did for the game, See we are riding our horses and talking, This makes these parts real slow. I noticed too a couple times for a mere 5 seconds the game shows another camera angle and takes control of the game? Kind of like a scene in a movie. Weird, Nothing wrong with it but just weird to me. 

So finally after a couple hours into the game and I got all setup and know more what to do now. Wow, There is so much to do and what the game wants me to do. In a way with all that I have been overwhelmed with I feel it has thrown me off the game a bit. Looking at what others have been saying, They feel the more environmental parts of the game are throwing them off as well. Now in no way do I think this is a bad thing, More control and whatnot for the player, The more interaction and ways to immerse yourself into the world of the game. 

*This part will contain some spoiler alerts across the Red Dead Redemption Games* 

The other thing that has sort of thrown me off in the game, It’s in a way a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption, So we know the fate of John and Bill already. I don’t have any issue with the game following in that order, It’s just in a little bit of a way how they have the story and for me I feel like I’m just backtracking in the game. The gangs are similar to that in the games. I guess it’s just a weird feeling for me, If you are usually watching what you know is a prequel to something, Then you know most of the main story or the outcome of what will happen. Example Star Wars prequels. We knew Anakin was going to become Darth Vader (shocker!!!) in a way sometimes it’s like you already know how the story will play out in it’s entirety. 


*Spoilers end here*

Video games are becoming more vast environments and what you can do in games. PC games like simulations, Added with so many mods can totally overwhelm you with the point you have no idea how and what your doing. I like the emergence of what Rockstar has done with Red Dead and I look forward to continuing the game, Let me know your thoughts and opinions on the game or something about the series in general!

~Gamer Jeff

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Have fun gaming online!

Gaming online, Have fun!

This is actually an inspired post from a couple of friends I talk to. The theme is common, Playing a game online and their friends are either too demanding or too focused on too many aspects of winning the game that their attitude becomes foul.

Just before I jump and dive into this, I understand that there are those who are competitive in gaming and want to achieve the best results in all possible ways. A win at all costs, Perfection across the board. This in no way is a job, shot, anything at you folks. While I do have my thoughts on the subject that is an entirely different article all together for another day. This is geared towards more the friends casually gaming together.

To me, Having fun while gaming is very important to me. Especially online. I just can’t imagine what the other person on the other side is thinking. So many things and variables happen in games when your playing online, You can run into a team that’s well more equipped, Well more costumed to the game, They can simply be great at what they practice in the game. Yes folks, In a game you will win and lose. The fact is that sometimes you just end up on the losing side more than the winning. You have to just face it, That’s how it falls. Don’t blame your friend if something had happened to happen. If your pushing and focusing on that aspect your just creating a huge negative atmosphere then of course why would someone want to play with you after that?

Me personally, I’d say I’m slightly above average when it comes to online play of gaming. The only “practice” I would get in is at the time when I am actually playing the game. When I come online I am not looking to solely win the game. I am looking for a fun time hanging out with my friends through the world of online. Losing in an online game honestly has little impact on me. It’s a fact of life I don’t waste my time dwelling on. I don’t go around criticizing my friends because of such and such. A game is meant to be played and enjoyed in my books. Create that fun and happy atmosphere playing with your friends. Create and cherish those memories.

Unfortunately I have had my instances where folks have made an online game not fun for me. In fact it was on one of my favorite gaming franchises too. It took me a real long time to get back into it and at the fun I used to have with it. Sadly it broke some friendships also, Though if that’s how it has to be. I won’t dive into a full story it just simply came down to a group of folks who were too addicted to the game that it started to consume them a bit. No, You have every control in your actions and how you are acting to other people. We have all moved on and actually I have reconciled with all party members involved. Though as to playing online again it’s at best we part ways.

As to my two friends that have inspired to write this article. The one she just told me recently and I can’t totally speak on her behalf as it’s just a new revelation to me, I will say that she deserves the respect in any case on what she chooses to engage with in friends on playing games. It is supposed to be fun for her as well. Though to my other friend who actually was with me in the madness of the negative group (no we had zero issues or anything with each other) there are some things that make me shake my head because of how sometimes playing a game online isn’t fun for him. Lets call him John O’Chuck. I absolutely love playing online with John it’s a blast. I can tell sometimes and see that a confidence thing in him has hindered him a bit when we play. Now of course he knows my style and how I play, I feel bad for him cause I know at times he can’t help it. Just a history of him playing online and getting bashed on for nothing. Again here in no way am I pointing blame or anything, Some folks are just set in their ways on how they play games online and that’s fine by me. There is nothing wrong or anything with the way John plays. He like millions and millions of other online players such as myself sometimes fail to complete or fall in mission while we are online. No harm done, Nothing in our real lives affected, We continue on as is. Me and John have completed and done so much stuff in online games it’s incredible. My fondest moment of us playing online was a match in a game of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. In the one map we are trying to get the plans from the enemy team and radio them off. The last part of the mission gets tricky as we breach the base of the enemy and it’s easy to fall in battle, Especially with the plans. The mission is timed and we were really racing against the clock here near the end. I am not sure if it was me or another computer player, Though we had the plans and fell in the outside of the base. It was then John who had got the plans and I watched and guided him right to the end to send off the plans and secure the victory for us. John we salute you! I was on cloud nine after that win, It was all thanks to you and a pleasure.

In all I just want folks to remember and know. Life exists outside of the game. You will end up on the winning or losing end. Life simply goes on. Just make sure that after the game has finished that you didn’t treat your friend bad enough that you have ruined their experience with the game and they won’t come and play with you anymore. Don’t be that person, Don’t create the toxic negative atmosphere. Create those good times. You never know either, You can meet that very special friend online like I mentioned in this vlog. A positive gaming friendship

Let me know your thoughts, Have you ever run into the biggest of negatives that it just ruined so much for you? Maybe you have nothing but the best of days online! Looking forward to hearing from all of you.


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