Your Memorable Gaming Moments. Collaboration with you!

This is all you! You interacted and shared me some great memories. Thank you everyone who participated in this collab. I hope to have many more of these for this year and beyond. Lets get right into it!

@TheIcePirate (Twitter/YouTube) We got a video daily double here! & 2 great franchises great memories

Thank you TheIcePirate! I have watched both of these when you first uploaded them also. Love me some Twilight Princess.

Wolfy40oz (YouTube) “I remember this time I was playing Sea Of Thieves with my buddy and it was a great time! Best part is when WE SANK A PIRATE SHIP!!!!!”

I’ll never forget the Christmas of 1983. I received this Tomy handheld PacMan game. Sure I had played video games before and Atari was way better than these but we hadn’t owned an Atari yet and this was my very first video game that I actually owned and it started my love for pac man! It was the hit at Christmas day with all my cousins gathering around and taking turns to see who could get the highest score. I think we went through a set of batteries pretty quick that day. Pac man will always hold a special place in my heart! I still have this handheld pac man game too! And it still works! It’s the best thing I have in my collection and it’s the only item that was actually mine as a kid! This will always be my holy grail to my collection.


Sounds great! That moment in a game you did something so dominant and while playing online with your friend! Memories forever. Ironically I did the same thing not too long ago! Do you we a mutual friend between us?!

The holy grail it is! It’s great to see something you have after all these years. It just means so much more also having something as a kid that now as an adult you look back at and just remember those fun times you had. 

Hidden Game Room (YouTube/Facebook Page) “I remember gaming.. it was fun”

Thanks for the share also brother! I hear you, The good old golden days of gaming. I love channels like yours keeping true and reliving those glory days.

Rawman (YouTube) “My favourite gaming memories are of playing N64 games with a group of friends. Specifically games like Goldeneye 4 player split screen. It was a lot of fun running about the facility and doing 1 shot kills with the golden gun.”

I remember those days like it was yesterday, I miss them dearly I had mastered the game from that aspect. Let me guess, You were always James Bond weren’t you? hehe N64 forever my friend!

@Jetjaguar67 (Twitter) “My biggest gaming memory has to be beating Final Fantasy 8! I really related to Squall as a kid did everything in that game and beating it was such an event!”

“My second memory is simulating and watching an entire NHL season when the lockout hit (Dallas stars won over the Rangers) so Dallas stars are always my 2005 Stanley Cup champs”

Relating to someone in a video game is so cool. Just add’s that extra experience for you doesn’t it! Ahh the NHL lockout of 2005, Great to see though you put your own spin on it. I think we should make it official. THE DALLAS STARS ARE THE 2005 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS! 

@adorkableNcute (Twitter) “The best gaming memory was back when me & my siblings were playing Star Tropics. We were stuck on the level where the strait was blocked & my brother & sister couldn’t figure out how to go forward. Stuck in a memorial where a giant piano was.”

“a close second would be the time I beat Symphony of the Night the first time, with the good ending. It was worth it to go through and get every item, including the duplicator. I maxed out the time on that file and still have it saved to this day. 😁

Those giant piano’s eh! Always seem to be causing some sort of trouble along the way. It’s always nice to hear of memories with the brothers and sisters. It’s something you can reminisce with them from time to time. Beating a game for the first time after sinking so many hours into it is just incredible. Especially going all out getting everything. That’s a true acomplishment! 

@TheRebelTom (Twitter) “One of my most memorable gaming memories, is when I learned how to spam 2 moves in order to beat Goro in Mortal Kombat 4 and how it made my favorite character in MK become Raiden! 😀 Back when I was a kid and Mortal Kombat 4 was the latest in the series and the 1st attempt at a 3D style for the franchise, my friends and I would play it, like, everyday after school. They had it for the N64. I personally didn’t own the game, so I played it at my friend’s house. We could never beat Goro! No matter how hard we tried. One weekend though, I was spending the night at their house (it was 2 brothers, Jake & Joe) and we would just pass the controller around and each would try to beat the ladder, but none could ever beat Goro. Then, late into the night, everyone was just laying on the floor and almost asleep, I was giving it one more go. I selected Raiden and because I was tired, in order to get to the top fast, I would just keep doing 2 moves (no particular order) the Electric tornado attack and the lightning projectile move. Occasionally, I would use the teleport as well for better positioning. Anyways, when I finally got to Goro… I noticed that I went to round 2 with me on the winning side. Jake and Joe were still just laying on the floor, probably about to fall asleep any moment, but didn’t realize I had just won round 1… I didn’t say anything. Cuz in my head, I’m thinking: “Great, I probably just pissed him off more and am going to die.” Well, as round 2 started, right out of the gate, I landed an electric tornado dive and pushed him into the corner, then I spammed the lightning projectile move as fast as I could and got maybe 2 or 3 in. I remember Goro trying the super jump and stomp attack, but I was able to use the teleport and he missed. Immediately, I put in the input for the tornado attack and hit twice in a row and then a projectile… Boom! Round 2 ended and I won a flawless victory!! I can’t express in words the pure joy and satisfaction that swept me. I jumped up and yelled: “I DID IT GUYS! I BEAT HIM! I BEAT GORO!” My friends, popped up so fast and were jolted with energy to celebrate with me and to finally witness what came next! It was, of course, Shinnok, and I was able to beat him and get that glorious end credit! I always treasures that mem2and felt pride of being the 1st among my friends to beating Goro and the game in general. Raiden has been my favorite character since, due to the memory and feat we accomplished together! 😀

Man don’t you just love it! Your with the friends, You have that goal in place you will be #1 you will dominate. That ladder that can seem to mock you just there with some unfinished business. Trying times maybe some glimmer of hope, Nope coming up short again. Fatigue tiredness sets in, You know now it will be up to you. The fire in your eyes you want to do it badly. Early hours of the morning, The round has come its you what seems vs the world. Maybe it seems like it was all in slow motion now? The moment you see it THE GLORY IS YOURS YOU DID IT! SCREAM IT OUT TO THE WORLD YOU ARE THE MASTER YOU HAVE ACHIEVED VICTORY. It’s memories like those that you will never forget!

Roaming Dan (YouTube) “My favorite gaming memory is renting NES games with my cousin almost every weekends… I would sleep over and we would play until 3am… the game that we rented the most was Baseball Stars… I think we put more time creating our team then playing it because it was a rental so our saved would be erased almost everytime that someone else rented it! But we would still redo it everytime!”

Weekend video game renting! The good old days! Remember when renting the game and then wondering if the cart still had any of your progress still saved on it? Creating it and stylizing it to your own preference. I love that, Makes you feel like the master in charge!

mtshark7 (YouTube) “My favorite gaming memory was playing video games with my cousins.”

Always having someone to share those memories with and then bringing them up again years later is always so cool! 

Loch SNES Monster (YouTube) “Probably gaming with friends and family. Never the games, but who you play them with.”

Memories with family and friends are always great. Looking back at that bonding time and then remembering when and how. More special with some family and friends also!

XX Smokie XX (YouTube) “I once saw someone get married on world of Warcraft”

I mean I’d consider that legal no? WoW is one hell of a great game. Wonder if that couple is still together today. Hmmm

@pollybird34 (Twitter) “I remember Atari, but when my mom was prego with my baby sis in 88′ we had Nintendo and mom would play and I’d sit next to her and my sis would go nuts in her belly, she loved it – she was born early so we had to stay in the hospital for a bit and we brought the Nintendo in And when my sis would get upset we would start playing Mario and it would calm her down – now my sis is a super gamer 😙

Now what a way to welcome a new baby! From the start right to Super Mario! A great memory also being at the hospital and able to play the NES during the stay. Nice to hear that your sister is still into gaming it’s honestly a great memory to share with her also!

@darklands23 (Twitter) “best gaming memory was playing the Sega Master System with my mom she loved Astro Warriors, and After Burner. She got mad at me when I broke the 3D glasses. like for real…”

Yay! getting the Mom in on the gaming with you. Fun times. Uh-oh! Mom must have really really loved those 3D glasses! Hopefully you don’t get too much of the “Remember when you broke the…” Let me now forever pardon you from this mishap!

@game_mana (Twitter) “Mine was the morning after Christmas. It was quiet and everyone was asleep. I came down and played my new NES. The game we had was Mario and Exodus. I thought the graphics were amazing”

Something about soaking up that quiet time and playing a new game for the first time and on a new console. Then it’s the date you remember too, Christmas of 80 something (90 something?) something that just stays with you forever.

Maine-ly Gaming (YouTube) My friend has a video bonus for us! 

I encourage you to subscribe to my friend here. I watched the video left a comment and like because it was a fantastic memory and even greater video! Also that hat is looking pretty good. Your choice of game is courageous my friend!

@xErik999x (Twitter) We got a picture bonus for this one! img_2817 15 years in the making and you have finally conquered! I’m sure you were over the moon and felt so ecstatic! Take a bow my friend you have done the gaming world proud.

@esperdreams (Twitter) “Gaming has so many wonderful moments that to narrow down to just three was a bit tricky. I really had to think on what was more of a memorable moment and that was still difficult since there’s so many that really stand out for me. After what felt like ages, I did manage to give one of my favorite moments. Resident Evil 2 is a fun survival horror game that completely blew me away the first time I played it. I was expecting the campy dialogue, lack of a plot and just jump scares aplenty that the first game offered. What I got was an amazing story of survival between the two main heroes, Leon and Claire, who managed to escape the city of the dead. I always enjoyed Claire’s scenario more than Leon and it was really had to do with Sherry. My favorite moment of this game was when Claire first meets Sherry. Sherry being scared tries to run away to her hideout in the vents. Claire reassures her that she’s not a zombie and it’s the whole scene that brings out the humanity in a mist of chaos just always stood out to me.”

When it sits and stands out for you, To me that just means the game has really connected with you. Then also you have that moment that sticks with you forever, You can bond with another fan of the game over your great moment! (as you have with me!) I love a good gaming story also


I would like to thank everyone who has given me your memorable gaming moment. I have truly enjoyed reading through your moments and memories and feel we have connected more on that level of gaming memories. I am so humbled that you have shared your memories and videos with me. I hope you all have some more memories and making new ones, Even if you don’t game anymore at least now you always have that great memory with you.

~Gamer Jeff

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