Goemon, What happened to you? Please come back!

Do you remember Goemon?! I want him back! Read about that here!


The Goemon series is one of my favorites. Mystical Ninja it’s the perfect alias. Goemon isn’t gone, Maybe he’s got some passport or visa issues that he can’t get over to North America and he’s stuck in Japan. Wonder if it has something to do with that company that’s gone all crazy….oh Konami. Although the series is not dead or finished it remains to be seen what will happen and if we will ever see a Goemon game again.

Let’s go back to a simpler time, 1999 to be exact. To the day you are reading this blog (writing this it’s January 8th 2019) 20 years ago was the last time North America had received a Goemon game. Goemon’s Great Adventure on the Nintendo 64. It was released a year earlier in Japan. I remember renting the game way back then from the video store. That was all folks. That was the last time Goemon released a game in North America.

The last game in the main series of Goemon was released way back in 2005 in Japan on the Nintendo DS. The most recent use of anything Goemon related was in 2011 in Japan for a Pachinko machine. 2003 a spin-off series Goemon was last used in mobile gaming. Last time for a console was a spin-off on the original PlayStation. A year previous though a spin-off game was released on the PlayStation 2 making it the most recent console a Goemon game has appeared on. The last of the main series to have made it on console was in 2001 on the PlayStation.

Goemon is animated as a humorous adventure action type of game. It’s silly in it’s own way but hey if that makes the game fun then why not. With a smoke pipe in hand as his weapon Goemon started his life in the games as a famous thief from Japanese folklore. Goemon later on though changes his persona to that all loving hero that most of us North Americans came to know. The series stays true to it’s Japanese origins, and how Japanese anime is usually perceived. Sticking with it’s roots that’s why it was so beloved in Japan. So you may ask what happened to Goemon?

Honestly I have researched here and there. So the most possible answer I can come up with from a North American standpoint is that most of the western culture either doesn’t understand the game, have little to no interest (due to what is associated with “odd” ideas of a game), or that it just doesn’t fit in at all with gaming in the western culture. It’s unfortunate because it add’s variety to a library of games that in a lot of ways these days is a bit stale at times for me. All that for another time but to me the more variety the better I think. As for what happened in Japan I can’t really find anything other than Konami has quietly pushed it away somewhere and has seemingly forgotten about the series, Other than for it’s use with gambling and Japanese slots games, Goemon has all but vanished from the gaming world.

Further research and reading since we didn’t really know much about what happened with the series out in North America, In Japan is where they may have lost it. Konami who with the Castlevania franchise in the mid 2000’s changed things a bit, So Konami changed up Goemon a bit. Well it didn’t work out as they wanted it and instead of going back and just fixing it up Konami dismissed it. When the games were released in North America a lot of the translations (you would of had to do some research to see the original character names and such from the Japanese version) the names of Goemon’s friends/partners. Their gambling machines have made them more profit than the games nowadays though so the chances of seeing Goemon back in a game don’t look very good. Goemon in North America again isn’t even remotely in the picture at all sadly.

While Goemon had graced us in the past with their brief stint of games back in the past it left an impression on some of us. Once a beloved character in a world of video gaming consumed by a greedy and mismanaged company whose only interest now is to put the beloved in gambling machines for the greater of profit. Oh Goemon like me there are others out there that hold some hope in any revival of a Goemon game to be bestowed upon us in North America once again. It would help to add some more variety within games again also. Will we ever see Goemon again?

~Gamer Jeff

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Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming #3 1/8/19

New year, Time for some fresh thoughts and quick takes on whats shaking up and happening in the deep thoughts of my gaming mind!

Sony’s PlayStation Classic has reduced it’s price

Well sadly that didn’t take long. Sony just really missed the mark on a great opportunity here. It still really baffles me how they messed this up. Even worse too seeing those that have hacked into the UI and found all sorts of things, Like other games that were to be on the system, Other features that folks would have liked to have, They even found NTSC format for the games. I mean I guess I get they wanted this out for the holiday season. I honestly don’t even know one person that picked one up over the holidays or even now at a reduced price.

Xbox Game Pass needs WAY MORE LOVE

Lets say at $79.99 for a new game, 2 new games that’s about $159 so lets say $160+ taxes all that stuff you know. So what if I told you that you can get over 100 games for less than that? I know your probably laughing at me. Well take a look at the Xbox Game Pass. It has a variety of so many great games and even some great classics. PUBG, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 4. They are always adding more games too. You can even score a deal and get the pass for JUST A DOLLAR!

I tried Nintendo’s Online service

Well…. it’s a good start. Cool how they have the NES stuff added and can play online with friends. I gotta admit it is a bit dry. Honestly online hasn’t really been Nintendo’s thing and I’m fine with that. It will be interesting to see what else Nintendo will do with this service and what they may add. For the price of it honestly it’s a lot better than PS Plus and if we are talking price I’ll give it an edge over Xbox Live also.

Are spoilers becoming a problem?

Why ruin the fun for someone else? Seriously it disgusts me. It seems like too looks like it could be a reviewer who is leaking out the spoilers. Well if that the case then it ruins it for everyone, Even the good reviewers. Super Smash Ultimate was leaked and spoilers ran around, You think Nintendo will let this slide? Oh believe me they won’t. Upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 was also the subject to leaks and spoilers. Personally myself too I have been waiting years and years to be able to play the game. I just hope by the time I get to it that I won’t have it spoiled for me. This just ruins the experience and the person leaking the spoilers too makes them look like a fool. I just hope that future games especially those that fans have been waiting super long for that they don’t run into any leaks or spoilers!


Oh there is still so much gaming goodness on my mind! Though of course with all great things I must hold it to there right now. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Giving a shout out to my buddy Steve today! Thanks for enjoying my blogs, liking, commenting, and then messaging me after complimenting my work. Means a lot and I love hearing about it.

~Gamer Jeff

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Jeff’s Thoughts on Gaming #2 11/29/18

November 29th Gaming thoughts!

Few things to discuss today, Unfortunately some news that’s not as light, Though I will try and compensate that in this posting for today.

Fallout 76 CE Ripoff?

Oh no, The ever plagued Fallout 76 with it’s latest shot to themselves. The collectors edition of the game included a power armor helmet with a nice little canvas bag. Retailing at about $265 (Canadian Dollars) If your asking me that is quite a steep price to pay for a collectors edition for any game. Well unfortunately that is not what customers received, They received a cheaper nylon type bag. As with everyone who purchased this must have been very confused as to why they didn’t get something they got. Bethesda cleared up the issue stating that they didn’t have enough materials for the bags. Alright that happens fine, Though they knew this in advance. It was already known and yet they still shipped it out knowing that they will probably receive this backlash. So now to make matters worse Bethesda has offered a type of in game currency to compensate those who purchased the collectors edition, Problem is the in game currency being offered is little to nothing. I must say if I was a consumer of the game this would lose a lot of my respect. We as consumers these days have been let down a lot and it sadly seems to be getting worse. That will be an article for another time, Though right now those who were consumers of the collectors edition must feel like they got nuked by Bethesda. (Full article here: Kotaku on Fallout 76 CE Issue

Did Sony even try with the PlayStation Classic?

Well here’s another somewhat messy situation. Granted not as bad as what Bethesda is facing right now but Sony seems to have dropped a great opportunity here. It’s interesting cause literally there are 2 other classics that are on the market, It happens to be one of Sony’s rivals also. NES Classic and SNES Classic. Nintendo did it fine. We questioned the games that were coming out with the PS Classic, Hmm alright guess can’t add everything, Though with some notable omissions that made the system what it was. Games like the Crash Bandicoot Series, Spyro, Tomb Raider. Really? I was more surprised to see Crash not added, Granted that the series had released a new remake of the game, Still though it was an iconic franchise for the beginnings of the PlayStation. A small thing that the price ($100 USD & $130 CND) I get it’s common now but why couldn’t an AC adapter be thrown in? The not casual consumer would probably be turned off by this, Also for us Canadians like me. $130 and no AC adapter? Easy pass. So quickly diving in more it seems that lack of features. The classic is meant to hook up with modern tv’s of today and folks want all the up-scaling and stuff so it is bearable to see for their tv. Alright I mean the NES and SNES classic has that. Strange that Sony didn’t. The roms used for Sony’s Classic are also all in PAL format. Maybe not strange for PAL users but for North America you can get into some technical problems there. Some games won’t work as optimized for that causing game delays and game-play issues. The lack of an analog controller also hampers game-play with some of the games they have for the classic. Why did Sony get so lazy with this? Prime opportunity and for a first go around? That’s not very good yikes.

Nintendo is doing well

The launch of Super Smash coming and the success right now with Pokemon on the Switch. Nintendo is doing well. Staying true to gaming, Sticking by themselves it’s really great to see them doing so well. I will definitely be a consumer of both games. (I have some questions on super smash but will see) Mario Party on the switch has even surged back to some prominence. I am pleased with their online services as well. To those complaining that it used to be free but are praising the likes of PSN and Xbox Live, Must I say more? FREE on PC on EVERYTHING. It’s just a breath of fresh air after all what Nintendo has been through to be coming out on top like this.


Leave me your thoughts and comments below, What games have you been playing lately? Something else on your mind? Feel free to leave me a comment.

~Gamer Jeff

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My World of Video Games



I’m 26 years old. I have a lot of life experience growing up, Great times, hardships, rough times, the happiest times that last forever, those times where everything just seems to fall apart, those learning times. There has forever always been one constant that has helped me get through each time. I’m sure by now after reading all this you have caught on to what I am referring to. Video games, Video gaming has been apart of my life as long as I can remember. A lifetime of video games across a whole bunch of different worlds and realities, It truly is a realm of endlessness. Playing a game I imagine myself I am right there, whether I be playing The Legend of Zelda imagining myself facing the great king of evil, To being a hockey player in an NHL game, It truly is an endless world of different possibilities and scenarios in a video gaming world.

I started out playing on the old NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Super Mario 1 & 3, Truly 2 of the best games I have ever played. My ultimate favorite is the Nintendo 64 playing Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, Castlevania. The best times of my life where I’m sitting and I dream of myself in that world and nothing else in reality matters to that point.

I invite you to follow along in my journey as I share new and old video gaming experiences. I also invite you to share your experiences with me I really would love to hear what other fellow gamers experiences are like with video gaming. Thank you for reading the first entry of my blog. Hope to have you around for more of the fun!