Consumer Report #2 Is the Xbox One X worth it?

Welcome back to the second edition of Consumer Reports. Today I’m focusing on the Xbox One X. Microsoft’s most premiere console to date.

What is it?

The Xbox One X is the 3rd release of the Xbox One. Notably the Xbox One X is of greater power to its 2 predecessors (Xbox one S and Xbox One) It’s main focus is on rendering 4K graphics. This is for performance and and improving existing games to utilize the full graphics.  The Xbox One X is pretty beefy in relation to specs inside the console. Notably Microsoft has it now where the system uses a vapor chamber, Therefore water cooling the components of the system down. You can get the full specs list here.  Microsoft has been known to mention that the Xbox One X is a competitor to the PlayStation 4 Pro. The console comes with a controller, a user friendly power supply, and a HDMI cord. The controller uses double A batteries which may come as a surprise to some, I will get to that later though. Power supply they have notably scrapped the large power brick that the original Xbox One console carried.


I’ll say that you are paying for what you get in terms of hardware. Again this is a pretty beefy console here almost doubling those specs of other consoles (including the Xbox One S itself) $499 USD, $599 CDN, Australia takes it home at $649. You can get a deal on different editions for the console also.

How is it?

I personally got an Xbox One X on Christmas Day 2018, It has been nothing but the greatest of great experiences for me in so many other ways. I won’t include things like game pass or xbox live as it’s just added features to most of the 3 consoles. I noticed right away how quiet and speedy the system was. I was impressed by that fact, Personally I really cringe at hearing my console chug from trying to prevent itself from overheating or overworking itself. In comparison, My original model PlayStation 4 over it’s time has been overheated and overworked itself that it doesn’t quite bring out its usual good performance now. I like how Xbox One when I am downloading a game I can turn the console off and it will still be downloading. Sleep mode is fine but as for those who rather just power down it’s better to conserve the consoles energy. Coming back to the controller now, At first I was skeptical of it still using commercial batteries eh it was a questionable move. I was beyond wrong. Using some good batteries makes the controller last a very very long time. It has a way better lifespan than the PS4 controllers, I find myself with my ps4 controllers I need to recharge them almost every few hours. Based on time tracked in my games I’ll say the controller can last up to 30 hours. The interface is very user friendly and easy. Loading up games and app’s have been real great and efficient. Cool part too you can connect to a 5G service wifi. Pretty handy if I may say.


If you are looking to go into the high end market and want something that will last you a while. The Xbox One X is for you. You will be paying for the system performance. If you happen to have a 4K TV then your in for a great gaming experience. The Xbox One X is just that close in comparison to a PC. A PC is the tops of all gaming (yes settle down) You are truly getting the best of the best. Add in Microsoft’s Game Pass and you are truly in for some great gaming times. If you aren’t quite ready or don’t need all the beefy hardware you can stick with an Xbox One S. I am giving the Xbox One X a 4.5 Stars out of 5 that’s pretty close to a perfect score! Get a gaming bundle and have some fun!


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Microsoft’s Xbox One steals my heart

Here is how my heart was stolen by the Xbox One X!

A love story of sorts?! Hmm, Now you beautiful folks know that I don’t do the whole console war thing I’m a fan of play what, where, when, whatever you want! I have been most my life a Nintendo, PlayStation, PC type of guy. (Although I played a lot, My household didn’t have a sega system so the only way I got to play was at a friends house who had the system) I did get the original Xbox a few years later, When the next generation came out Sony actually took a bit of a backseat. I had gotten a 360 for Christmas that year and for roughly a year that was the system. We eventually got a PS3 and then that was the system of choice. Along with the Wii, After to Wii U and PS4. So you can see it’s mostly Nintendo and PlayStation for me, How does the Xbox One come into this affair?!

I got the PS4 in 2014. Actually I got it for only $100 we had gotten lucky and won 2 $200 gift cards, I made a deal with my wife I said if we got the 200’s we should get the console. Actually I was thinking of an Xbox One too, Though Microsoft was doing some weird things at the time which sort of turned me off, I am happy though they quickly realized what they were doing and started to cater back to what was best for consumer. Anyway’s that day a PS4 had entered my household. To be quite honest, It didn’t really have that wow factor for me as a PS2 and PS3 did as to why? I’m not 100% sure really myself.

The system interface wasn’t bad simple works great. I wasn’t and am still not a fan of the controller, Whats with that mouse pad on it? Honestly didn’t even know until I accidentally did something. The streaming sharing they had was actually pretty cool. I still think it is too. Unfortunately when it comes to the hard drive capacity and some of the technical features inside I think they really missed the mark. They did make up for the hard drive space with the PS4 Pro however, Though the components inside are questionable. Sony really tried to drive some of their VR related products which I thought was pretty cool, Having the ability to be in your own game in the atmosphere was incredible.

Gaming wise PS4? Well they had their exclusives which fans loved. I haven’t been too drawn to these games just based on the fact that I feel lots of games are either, Too easy, they look and play way too much like a movie, They lack the depth. Graphics I didn’t think won anyone over either it definitely didn’t for me. Now I’m not going to totally blame Sony on the games part I feel in the recent years companies haven’t been up to par as they can be with their games. (see Fallout76 as example) Sony’s PS Plus is definitely not worth the money. In the past 2 years I feel Sony has begun to start feel distant from their consumers, It was shown in their last 2 E3 presentations which turned me right off. Though it was Nintendo who was shining with their switch and also Microsoft doing what I believe was a great movement more for their consumers.

So maybe it wasn’t love at first sight, It sure did grow though. I do think Sony’s exclusive games are a bit deeper than Microsoft though. Microsoft was wanting the consumer to come to them. So when the Xbox One X was announced, Microsoft put their game to a whole new level. They understood and delivered on what was best for the consumer going fourth. It’s ironic cause Microsoft’s last 2 E3 conferences I feel started to show that they were going to be better. Hearing that they were allowing cross-play made me happy. Hearing that Sony had blocked cross-play angered me. It’s the little things like that just get me turned off.

So anyways 2018 I was saved up and waiting. Xbox One X was to be mine. Unfortunately it looked as if it wasn’t meant to be quite yet, I had to have dental surgery and being uninsured oh yes I paid right out the behind for that one. Honestly if I REALLY REALLY wanted to I could have picked up the Xbox One X anyways, Though I’m patient, I don’t really need to buy it for the sake of buying it and then if something else did happen I could have put myself into a bit of trouble. I wasn’t discouraged or anything back to the saving up and when the time was right it would be mine. I was surprised on Christmas with it, I was blown away, Speechless, It was mine. I am truly very thankful and humbled. I plugged it in and the next day I was playing it.

So right away I went to the game pass. WOW! All the games they had on it, Some of the good old classic games. I just went and downloaded so many games. The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion was one of them. pubG and Ryse came next. Forza Horizon 4 feels incredible, The controller feels good for it too. So also the Xbox One controller feels great. I was a bit skeptical on the battery part but proves to be very good, I find myself not plugging it in after only an hour like my ps4 one. Oh and also it doesn’t have some weird looking mouse pad on it! I’ll give the interface to PS4, Though the Xbox One isn’t all that bad once you figure it out. The navigation when you click the Xbox button has everything right there though, The ps4 I would need to suspend/exit my application and then go through a couple of options to get what I needed. The system in general is totally way better and optimized for performance, Along with it being water-cooled it makes for a nice quieter more efficient system. You know what else is impressive? This I feel is a huge win. My PS4, Updates and installing games requires me to put the system in sleep mode. Alright not the biggest deal although I’ve had a few issues coming back from sleep mode and have worried about my hard drive being corrupted. Something strange was happening with my hard drive anyways due to the lack of capacity and the constant updates with how big their files are. Xbox One I can power down and it will still download and install my games. HUGE WIN

It had quickly stolen my heart. I’ve had a blast playing it. The streaming option of mixer is so quick, simple and easy also. I played 2 long nights with my friend online. We played in pubG and Sea of Thieves. I will talk about Sea of Thieves another time but the game play of it is pretty good. In the early hours playing online in the morning we sunk a ship and couldn’t have felt more happier. So though it’s more than the games. 100 games on game pass, That’s incredible how do you top that? I guess too I was more drawn to the games also, Though they offered a lot more. It’s the little things that go a long way. I’ve found too that navigating through menus have been easier and faster. So happy to be able to play such a high end console and have so much fun.

~Gamer Jeff

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